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Is Kate Middleton pregnant? All you need to know about her pregnancy rumor

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Kate Middleton

The excitement of the royal family, as well as the people, is sky-high after knowing that kate Middleton is pregnant! She made a big announcement and her glowing face explained it all. Let’s check out whether Kate is really pregnant or is it something else!

Taking what Russell Myers, host of Pod Save the Queen, said into consideration; Kate was waiting for this moment to announce this good news to everyone. Initially, Myers didn’t reveal the news because of obvious reasons. This resulted in many speculations about Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy.

Kate Middleton with children

At first, let’s just have a glimpse of who is Kate Middleton.

Full NameCatherine Elizabeth Middleton
D.O.B9 January 1982
SpousePrince William
ChildrenGeorge, Charlotte, and Louis
ProfessionDuchess of Cambridge
Net Worth$50 Million

Reality Check

But to everyone’s surprise, Kate Middleton is not pregnant! Yes, the big announcement or the good news was not about her 4th baby. It’s about the new project Kate Middleton is working on. Her landmark project is the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

To all the rumors, Russell Myers felt sorry “for setting the cat among the pigeons ” for the comment. On the o ther hand, Ann Gripper also commented saying that She thinks William and Kate are “done” with children and won’t have more.


Kate Middleton also reacted to the rumors and she said- “I have to say, first of all, any listeners who were very thoroughly teased by the big announcement that was coming from Kensington Palace… I came off the call.”

When Ben said, “She’s not pregnant again is she?”. To this Kate Middleton was surprised and said “Oh gosh that didn’t even cross my mind, I never even thought that some people would think it was a baby.”

Kate and Ben are blessed with three children and it seems like they don’t want more unless it happens by an accident. Otherwise, they are happily living with their family.

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