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Is Joe Budden Bisexual? All The Rumors And The Truth Explored

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Joe Budden

A clip of Joe Budden’s podcast in which he is saying that he likes both “Guys and Girls” is going viral on the internet. People are speculating that he might have come out as a bisexual.

What Started The Conversation-

Joe Budden is a former American rapper, in one of the episodes of his podcast, Joe Budden Podcast, he was criticizing rapper DaBaby.DaBaby recently got approved by an LGBTQ+ organization to perform at Rolling Loud New York.  

Why this doesn’t sit right with Joe Budden and his Co-hosts is because DaBaby has made homophobic comments in the past. The “Levitating “ rapper has also made fun of people with HIV/AIDS. He received worldwide criticism for these remarks and even though he apologized, people think he did it because he was losing brands. Joe Budden said, “You can’t get on here and just say the truth. You just gotta hope that there are people out there that can read through things and see the truth.” 


During the podcast, Joe Budden’s co-host, Ish read a TMZ report which stated that Gwendolyn D. Clemons endorsed DaBaby’s performance at Rolling loud Newyork. Gwendolyn is the CEO of the LGBTQ+ organization, Relationship Unleashed. 

Is Joe Budden Bisexual Or Not?

While talking about the DaBaby incident, he referred to it as “Extortion”.  He gave way to the idea that DaBaby’s career is controlled by LGBTQ+ leaders and certainly made a joke about being bisexual to not offend the LGBTQ+ community. He said, “How do I spread this news?” How do I spread the word? Listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down. I’ve seen enough.”  Even though this comment might have been sarcastic, people flooded Instagram and Twitter saying that he just came out in his podcast. 

People had mixed reactions, while some thought he was joking others thought he was serious. He was also subjected to a lot of trolling online. One Twitter user also said that he was just seeking attention and trying to make headlines, he is definitely not bisexual. 


A look at Joe Budden’s private life-

Joe Budden was born on 31 August 1980. He gained popularity as a rapper in 2003 but retired in 2018. He has a famous podcast, “I’ll Name This Podcast Later.” It is also known as “the Joe Budden Podcast”.

Right now Joe is reportedly dating Shadee Monique. Earlier, he was engaged to Cyn Santana who is 29 years old.  Joe and Cyn got engaged in 2018 after they welcomed their son, Lexington in 2017. They split up sometime after the engagement. The rapper also has a 20-year-old son, Joseph Budden III.


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