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Is David Dobrik Ok? As He Hasn’t Posted Any Video On Youtube In Nearly Five Months

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David Dobrik

Popular YouTuber David Dobrik hasn’t been posting videos on his YouTube channel despite his comeback last year. Yes, while there were several things that put Dobrik away from posting videos. However, his comeback in last year on the YouTube channel gave his fans a treat. Yet despite that, he seems unavailable there. But why?

Read ahead to know more about YouTuber David Dobrik not posting videos despite his comeback on YouTube.

A little about YouTuber David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a young Slovak YouTuber who began with the platform Vine first. Not just that he is also the leader of The Vlog Squad. While he is also active on social media. His Instagram account has about 12 million followers of him.

Apart from that his YouTube channel where he has been posting videos is having about more than 18 million subscribers. However, there have been several controversies connecting him as well. That often caused trouble for him being a YouTuber.


David Dobrik missing from YouTube despite his comeback

There have been several controversies revolving around Dobrik. However, one of the most serious was when his fellow YouTuber of The Vlog Squad Jeff Wittek actually sued him and broke ties with him after Wittek was injured badly. The injury came from a crane that was getting handled by Dobrik.

Though, apart from all that YouTuber, Dobrik was unavailable on his YouTube channel. But back again he made his comeback last year. But it was only in Feb this year when he posted his video last. Ever since Feb he has been missing from his YouTube channel despite his big fan following there.

Reason behind David Dobrik not posting videos on YouTube

For all those who are thinking something might be wrong with Dobrik. That’s certainly not the case as he might be busy with his new venture. Yes, Dobrik is to come up with his pizza business “Doughbrik’s”. This is why he seems to be not posting anything on his YouTube channel.

Not to miss, Dobrik did say previously that his pizza business may start somewhere around august Or September. Hence, he must have been planning to launch it soon. Hopefully, alongside his YouTube videos, his fans might get to taste his new pizzas as well while anything about its launch is yet not out.


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