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Is Celine Dion OK? Singer’s Sister Reveals Struggle with Rare Neurological Disorder

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Celine Dion health is deteriorating. According to her sister Claudette Dion, the singer can no longer regulate certain body moments one year after being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome. “She has no control over her muscles,” Claudette Dion informed 7 Jours, as reported by the Daily Mail. “It tears my heart because she has always been disciplined. She’s always been a diligent worker. ‘You’re gonna do it well, you’re going to do it properly,’ our mother often told her. “It’s true that in both our dreams and hers, the goal is to get back to the stage,” she said. What is your role? “I’m not sure.” Celine Dion’s “Courage” World Tour was cancelled in May owing to a rare neurological disease that causes painful muscle spasms and stiffness.

“I’m so sorry for disappointing all of you once again,” the 55-year-old said at the time on Instagram. “I’m working hard to regain my strength, but touring can be difficult even when you’re at your peak.” It’s not fair to you to keep prolonging the events, and as much as it pains me, we should cancel everything now until I’m truly ready to return to the stage.” According to Claudette Dion, their sister Linda has been residing alongside Celine Dion in the Las Vegas region while receiving treatment from stiff-person syndrome specialists.


Battle With Stiff-Person Syndrome, Celine Dion Has Lost Control Of Her Muscles

Claudette Dion, Celine Dion’s sister, has shared a tragic update on the superstar’s fight with stiff person syndrome. Claudette recently informed Canada’s 7 Jours that Celine, 55, has “lost control of her muscles,” as the debilitating ailment has worsened over time, according to the Daily Mail. In an interview with the publication, she said, “What breaks my heart is that she has always been disciplined.” “She has always put forth a lot of effort,” she said. ‘You’re going to do it well,’ our mother always said. You’re going to do it right.'” Claudette went on to say that despite the bleak outlook, Celine is eager to perform again. “It’s clear that in both our dreams and hers, we wish to return to the stage,” she continued.” “And in what capacity?” “I’m not sure.” Celine stated in December 2022 that she would have to cancel the rest of her “Courage” world tour because to the degenerative and incurable neurological condition that destroys muscles, including the voice cords and the heart. “The vocal cords are muscles, as well as the heart is also a muscle,” Claudette admitted to 7 Jours. “This is what is going to get me. Scientists haven’t conducted as much research since it’s one in a million cases, and it didn’t effect as many people.” The “My Heart Will Go On” singer’s sibling went on to add she has spoken with numerous people suffering from stiff person syndrome — as well as their loved ones — who have “lost hope” that a cure would ever be discovered.


Claudette stated that a large number of patients and their families had sought advice from the Dion family charity, Fondation Mama Dion. They’ve also given encouraging messages as Celine battles the sickness. “If only you knew how many messages the foundation receives about Celine!” “People have told us that they love her and are praying for her,” she said. “She receives so many messages, gifts and blessed crucifixes.” The well wishes and prayers are pouring in, but Claudette earlier told Le Journal de Montreal that Celine’s health has not improved despite the Dion family’s collaboration with “the top researchers in the field.” In an interview with Le Journal de Montreal earlier this month, she mentioned that Celine “can’t find any medicine that works,” but that “hope is important.” A rare public appearance by Celine, who last performed on stage in March 2020, was made at a Las Vegas NHL game on Oct. 30 during Claudette’s 7 Jours interview. The “I’m Alive” singer brought her boys, René-Charles, 22, and 13-year-old twins Eddy & Nelson, whom she shared with late husband René Angélil, backstage to pose for photos with a few hockey players.


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