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Is Brian Benni Still Dating Monica Shah? Everything You Need To know

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Monica Shah and Brian Benni

Brian Benni is a reality television star who appeared on Bravo’s “Family Karma” series. Brian Benni, a 29-year-old IT consulting professional, is a star of the Bravo network’s reality show “Family Karma.”
The Bravo network has a lengthy history of successful reality television programming. And “Family Karma” is no different. This show follows a group of Indian American families as they go about their daily lives in Miami. After a successful first season, the show was renewed for a second season in June 2021.

Who is Brian Benni Dating?

With various reservations about dating a bunch of girls, Brian Benni hooks up with Monica Shah, despite his proclivity for the wild Miami nightclub scene. Brian Benni dated Monica Vaswani for a short period, but they are now friends and occasionally vlog together. Brian’s gaze has shifted to a new Monica.
When Monica Vaswani, the star of ‘Family Karma,’ rebuffed Brian Benni’s approaches, the 29-year-old calmed himself by saying there were plenty of Monicas in the water. Brian appears to have meant it literally when he said that, as he has a new girlfriend called Monica Shah, a Tampa-based doctor. She’ll also appear on “Family Karma.” She’ll be a frequent visitor on this show because she’s become an integral part of Brian’s life.

Monica Shah and Brian Benni

She is a rheumatology resident, according to her Instagram bio. If you’re wondering whether Brian and the Monicas get along, the answer appears to be a resounding no. Brian confesses that the two Monicas had been friends long before he arrived. The Monicas are said to have known each other since their days competing in beauty pageants.

Brian Benni’s Current Relationship Status

Brian Benni and Monica Shah are still together, according to reports. The duo isn’t particularly active on social media. However, this does not prevent the general public from guessing. We can deduce from the show that the pair dated for at least six months.


We can fairly conclude that this couple has been dating for at least a year, given that the show also captured Brian Benni’s birthday celebration. That’s fantastic! Monica appears to be a fantastic match for Brian, and all he needs is approval from his family. Brian, on the other hand, is the type of person who prefers to do things his own way.


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