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Iggy Azalea Fires Back: Responds to Fan Criticism Over Playboi Carti’s ‘Thong’

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Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea responds to a fan’s comment about Playboi Carti’s thong bodysuit that recently went viral on the internet. It was a week ago when Playboi Carti’s outfit became viral on social media, seemingly showing him in a thong bodysuit. Many people reacted to it as well. Now even his ex, Iggy Azalea, has taken a dig at it. Here’s how she responded.

Read on to learn more about Iggy Azalea’s response to a fan’s comment about Playboi Carti’s thong outfit.

Playboi Carti’s thong outfit goes viral

On February 6th of this year, rapper Playboi Carti went viral on social media due to his outfit. In the viral picture, the rapper was seen wearing a vest with camouflage pants. However, below that, the rapper wore a sheer, thong-type long sleeve shirt.

Carti’s outfit appeared as if he was wearing a thong bodysuit, and the picture of it went viral all over the internet. Many netizens even made fun of the rapper’s fashion, which led to the reaction of his ex, Iggy Azalea, also going viral on the internet.

Fan asks Iggy Azalea about Playboi Carti’s thong outfit

After the picture of Playboi Carti wearing what seemed to be a thong outfit surfaced, netizens began making comments about the rapper’s fashion sense. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Carti’s ex, Iggy Azalea, also posted a racy video of herself on social media.

On February 9th, Iggy posted a video of herself wearing black lingerie in her bathroom. In the background, Usher’s song “Throwback” was playing. She captioned the post with “I love you.” However, a user asked Iggy about her ex’s thong outfit that recently went viral. Here’s how she replied.

Iggy Azalea makes fun of comment about Playboi Carti’s thong outfit

As soon as Iggy Azalea posted her racy video on Instagram, a comment caught everyone’s attention, including Azalea’s. In the comment, a user asked Iggy, “Are you going out in the same outfit?” along with skull emojis.

Iggy responded to the comment by writing, “Well, who wore it better?” It seemed like Iggy was also poking fun at her ex’s viral thong bodysuit outfit from a few days ago. Her reaction also went viral on social media.


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