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Icewear Vezzo Apologizes After Heated Exchange with Amanda Seales Over Trump Photo

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Icewear Vezzo

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Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo recently found himself at the center of controversy after a photo-op with former President Donald Trump sparked widespread backlash. Among his critics was actress and comedian Amanda Seales, who did not hold back in expressing her disapproval. In response, Icewear Vezzo initially launched a scathing attack on Seales but soon retracted his statements after a conversation with her.

The Initial Controversy

The controversy began when Icewear Vezzo posted a photo with Donald Trump during the former president’s visit to Detroit over the weekend. This move did not sit well with many, including Amanda Seales, who took to Instagram to voice her concerns. In a video directed at Icewear Vezzo and others who appeared to support Trump, Seales criticized them for associating with individuals she believes have caused harm to the Black community.

Amanda Seales’ Criticism

Seales condemned those who take “pictures with people who have actively harmed us as a community,” arguing that such actions do not equate to infiltrating enemy lines to effect change. She dismissed the notion that cozying up to controversial figures like Trump would elevate anyone to the status of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Seales urged these individuals to align themselves with “real ones” and confront such figures with a substantive agenda rather than seeking superficial approval.


Icewear Vezzo’s Response

In a heated response posted to his Instagram Stories, Icewear Vezzo labeled Amanda Seales a “weirdo” and a “lying little girl.” He criticized her for speaking out against him, accusing her of doing nothing for the community but tearing it down under the guise of activism. Vezzo further accused Seales of being “fake woke” and “full of s###,” and implored her to stop maligning Black men.

The Apology

However, Icewear Vezzo soon had a change of heart. He deleted his aggressive posts and issued an apology, explaining that he had spoken with Seales and resolved their differences. “I talked to Amanda it’s all love,” he wrote, acknowledging that he had overreacted. Vezzo expressed regret for his harsh words and emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue and respectful disagreement. “It’s not that serious, she’s entitled to her opinions,” he said. “I just want us to stop thinking the worst about each other before having a conversation and also learn to respectfully disagree.”


The incident highlights the tensions and differing viewpoints within the Black community regarding how to engage with controversial political figures. While some, like Seales, view any association with figures like Trump as harmful, others, like Icewear Vezzo, may see potential for dialogue and change. This exchange between Vezzo and Seales underscores the need for open, respectful conversations to navigate these complex issues.

In the end, Icewear Vezzo’s quick pivot from confrontation to conciliation serves as a reminder of the value of communication and understanding, even amid sharp disagreements. By retracting his initial outburst and seeking common ground, he demonstrated a willingness to grow and engage constructively—a lesson that resonates beyond this particular conflict.


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