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Ice Spice Sparks Controversy: Alleged Devil Hand Signs and Upside-Down Cross at Super Bowl Stir Netizens

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Ice Spice

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Ice Spice, the Bronx-born rapper, sparked controversy during the Super Bowl, facing allegations of devil symbolism while also featuring in a commercial.

Allegations Against Ice Spice: Accusations of Devil Symbols

Ice Spice attended the Super Bowl alongside Taylor Swift, but her presence at the event stirred up online controversy. Netizens claimed she made hand signs associated with the devil, resembling horn-like symbols, in viral clips from the game. Additionally, she faced backlash for allegedly wearing an upside-down cross necklace, perceived by some as a nod to demonic imagery.

Following the circulation of videos and photos capturing Ice Spice’s alleged gestures and attire, social media erupted with reactions. Netizens expressed various opinions, with some condemning her actions as evidence of selling her soul to the devil, while others dismissed the claims as baseless speculation.

Commercial Appearance Amidst Controversy:

Despite the backlash, Ice Spice remained in the spotlight during the Super Bowl, appearing in a commercial for Starry, a new soda from PepsiCo. In the advertisement, the 24-year-old rapper endorsed the beverage, emphasizing its refreshing qualities. The commercial showcased Ice Spice amidst the brand’s mascots, Lem and Lime, as she delivered her endorsement with enthusiasm.

Ice Spice emerged in the music scene in 2021, marking her entry into the industry after connecting with record producer RIOTUSA. The rapper’s rise to prominence has been accompanied by both acclaim and scrutiny, with her recent Super Bowl appearance intensifying public scrutiny.

Debunking Misconceptions:

Amidst the controversy, some individuals challenged the accusations against Ice Spice, pointing out that the cross on her necklace may not have been upside down. Others urged for a more critical examination of the evidence, highlighting the dangers of baseless accusations and the need for objective analysis.

As the debate surrounding Ice Spice’s Super Bowl appearance persists, fans and critics alike await further developments. The rapper’s journey in the music industry, coupled with her recent controversies, has kept her in the public eye, leaving many intrigued by her next moves.

Ice Spice’s presence at the Super Bowl may have ignited controversy, but her commercial appearance underscores her enduring relevance in pop culture, ensuring that she remains a subject of fascination and discussion in the digital sphere.


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