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Ian Alexander Jr, Regina King’s Son Passed Away At 26 After Apparent Suicide

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regina king son ian alexander jr

regina king son ian alexander jr Passed away at 26


Regina King’s son aged 26 Ian Alexander Jr. had died and the news has left everyone shocked. While there are a lot of things to still be known about the death of the actress Regina King’s Son Ian Alexander Jr, there are fans mourning the loss of Ian Alexander Jr. But what exactly happened to Ian Alexander Jr. causing him to end up his life?

Well, read ahead to know more about Ian Alexander and his cause of death.

Who was Ian Alexander Jr. ?

Ian Alexander Jr. was the son of the American actress cum director Regina King. Regina King is a popular actress who has several accolades including Academic Award, Golden Globe Award, and four Primetime Emmy Awards for her acting.

Ian Alexander shared a great bond with her mom and supported her with all her decisions. Ian Alexander Jr. had recently celebrated his 26th birthday. But unfortunately, bad news followed him 2 days after his 26th birthday.


How Did Ian Alexander Jr. Died?

It’s a matter of great shock for the whole world to have heard of Ian Alexander Jr. as dead. No reason for Ian Alexander Jr. has been revealed so far. A proper investigation will disclose the reason why Ian Alexander Jr. died so soon.

Reportedly, it’s been said that Ian Alexander Jr. has committed suicide. However, a proper investigation will lead to having exact reason which compelled Ian Alexander Jr. to take his own life.

Fan’s And Regina King’s Reaction On Ian Alexander Jr. Untimely Death

ReginaKing shared only one child with Ian Alexander Sr. who has now passed away. Surely, Regina King is shattered and devastated by the news of her son’s demise.


Moreover, she hasn’t given a reaction publicly to his son’s untimely death. Fans of both Regina King and Ian Alexander Jr. are hurt by the news and mourning the loss that has left Regina King broken in pieces. Certainly, a statement on the death of Ian Alexander Jr. would be soon issued.

Although, it was her co-stars who shared the news of Regina King’s son’s demise on Twitter with the public. Chris Williams, Nicolas Liddle and others took the news to share on Twitter paying tribute to Regina King’s son’s and were giving consoling words the actress Regina King who has suffered a big loss in her life by losing his beloved son.


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