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How to Donate to Jan Cilliers, Christy Giles’ Husband’s GoFundMe For Christy’s Death Investigation?

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Jan Cilliers

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After Christy Giles was found dead, the model’s husband Jan Cilliers is starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for funeral and memorial costs and for private investigators. 

Who Was Christy Giles And What Happened To Her?

Christy was a 24-year-old American social media model. With an Instagram following of 17 thousand, Christy was quite active in the app. 

Giles’ dead body was discovered on Saturday, outside the South California Hospital, Culver City, Los Angeles. 

In this unfortunate event, Christy wasn’t alone. Her friend and fashion designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola was also with her. According to the reports, Hilda’s body was also found but in front of a different hospital in Los Angeles. She is in critical condition at the moment.

Jan Cilliers
Instagram | jancilliers

Both the women were attending a party in L.A. on Friday and Hilda apparently met someone and they all were about to attend a party in Hollywood Hills. 


Christy Giles’ husband Jan Cilliers said that according to reports both the women had consumed heroin. He also said that he knows they never would have voluntarily consumed it.

An investigation is still going on but Christy’s mother suspects that her daughter was a victim of sexual harassment. The officials are waiting for Hilda’s recovery as she is a major key and for Christy’s autopsy reports that will confirm what actually happened.

You can make your donations for Christy here.

Who Is Jan Cilliers?

Jan Cilliers is Christy’s husband. According to his website, he is an artist and visual effect supervisor. 

The description of the website says- “Since marrying model, Christy L Giles, they have teamed up to create beautiful portraiture and editorial style images with their combined experience.”

Jan Cilliers’ Instagram also has a lot of pictures of Christy from her professional shoots. 

After knowing the news of his wife’s death Cilliers was heartbroken. He told ABC7- “People share these amazing videos that they have with her, and it just brings back her energy, and I know I’ll never get to see her or kiss her or touch her again, and it’s just so heartbreaking.” 


Cillian Starts A Gofundme-

Jan Cilliers has started a campaign titled, “Justice For Christy”. Till now the campaign has raised $99,000. The money will go towards Christy and Hilda’s case. 

The description of the campaign says, “ “We appreciate any donations that will provide the resources needed in order to put a concrete case together to bring justice for both of these beautiful, innocent young women”.


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