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How To Buy Kanye and Drake’s “Free Larry Hoover Concert” Ticket, Price, and Venue

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free larry hoover concert

This remains the hottest topic of the month. December 9th, 2021, is a day to remember all over the globe. Drake and Kenya decided on organizing a benefit concert for Larry Hoover. The concert is planned to take place in Los Angeles Coliseum. The audience is waiting to experience the most anticipated event of the year.   

Kanye and Drake Together?

After a great struggle, J. Prince could finally bring Kanye (Ye) and Drake (Drizzy) together. Coming as a matter of surprise to the fans. Ye and Drizzy finally planned on organizing a concert “Free Larry Hoover” together after years of drifting and divisions. The news created the biggest gossip phase ever after the two posted pictures about the concert on social media.

Reports On The News

CBS News Los Angeles reporter, John Schreiber, tweeted about the news. He said, “Massive build out tonight for the Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Drake Free Larry Hoover set for Dec. 9th at the LA Coliseum. Looks like a circular mound is being built with sand and concrete or stucco. At first, thought this was a monster truck rally setup”. 


John Schreiber shared some pictures along with the above-mentioned words. This clearly speaks about the preparations taking place for the concert. The concert is very likely to be celebrated as a great festival all over Los Angeles. The crowd is going crazy regarding the same. Gossips and tweets are spreading all over social media. 

Streaming Over Imax Theaters

Moreover, certain microblogging websites also revealed that the Free Larry Hoover concert will be released on IMAX Theaters. Some rumors spread about the concert being likely to be streamed over Apple Music as well. There is no concrete news regarding the latter. The booking of the tickets has started online. The people are buying the tickets actively regardless of the price.

Are The Tickets To The Concert That Expensive?

Previously, the announcement of the concert took place. Simultaneously, the crowd started to react to it. Now, the media also has information about the ticket prices being very high. The population reported complaints regarding the ticket prices reaching a hundred per ticket. Yet, the reports talk about the successful selling of the tickets.


As exciting as this event is sounding to be, people are still being critical and cribbing over the same concern.

Where and How to Buy Free Larry Hoover Concert Ticket?

The tickets for the Free Larry Hoover concert are available on many platforms online. Some common websites to book tickets are StubHub, Ticketmaster, MegaSeats, and TicketNetwork. The best offers were available on StubHub, ranging from $210. In addition to which, some more websites offered tickets at $50 depending upon the row the individual chose. The audience is waiting to experience the most anticipated event of the year.  


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