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How to book Bad Bunny Airbnb, Tickets, and Cost

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Bad Bunny Airbnb

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For all those who are keen to have a closer experience with the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, he is giving you chance with his Airbnb tour bus. While only the lucky ones would be getting to stay in the Airbnb tour bus. Here are all the updates on how you can grab the tickets for having a stay at the tour bus of Bad Bunny.

Read ahead to know more about Bad Bunny and his tour bus Airbnb with its all other details.

Bad Bunny opens his tour bus Airbnb for fans

Describing a little about the tour bus of Bad Bunny Airbnb, then it’s a black bus with a 53’ trailer. Airbnb is actually a semi-truck and it certainly has been an important part of Bad Bunny’s life. While he expressed how his fans make him more excited for his shows.

His Airbnb tour bus would certainly give him a chance to host the stay of his fans and make them have a special experience with him. Meanwhile, the tour bus of Bunny would be open for his fans on 6th, 7th, and 8th April following the end of his El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, Miami.

Tickets for a stay at Bad Bunny’s Airbnb tour bus

While the one-night stay experience for the beautiful tour bus Airbnb is supposed to cost $91 per night. The price has been set to mark his 9.1 billion streams on Spotify which was a record-breaking landmark for the Puerto Rican singer. Meanwhile, to grab the tickets for the stay you can have the access to site

You can apply for getting the tickets from 29th March at 1:00 pm, ET onwards. Also, we know that 3 of the lucky winners are to get VIP tickets to El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo, Miami. Additionally, the guest to his tour bus will have a chance to see the favorite stops of the singer in Miami.


What’s more for the guest of the Airbnb tour bus?

Though the Puerto Rican singer won’t be hosting the tour bus and it’s guest personally. However, he would be greeting and meeting them virtually. Also, the tour bus of the singer, that’s considered as something close to his heart would be giving delight to the guests.

The Airbnb bus is beautifully designed and as such the lucky guests of the tour bus will have the experience to have a night stay at the bus. The guests will also be given a chance to see the floral designed bedroom of the singer and other facilities of the Airbnb tour bus.


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