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How Did Russian General Andrey Mordvichev Got Killed?

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Andrey Mordvichev

Who was Andrey Mordvichev? Another Russian General killed in Ukraine | Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Twitter


With ongoing tension among Russia & Ukraine, there’s the news of a senior Russian General Andrey Mordvichev have got killed in Kherson by Ukrainian forces. The news of the General’s death has been claimed by the Ukraine military. Certainly, the war between the duo countries has cost a lot of lives and the stats are changing. But how did General Andrey Mordvichev die?

Read ahead to know more about Andrey Mordvichev, the Russian General being killed.

Who is Andrey Mordvichev?

Andrey Mordvichev was the 8th General Army’s Lieutenant General with a charge of the Southern Military District. The Russian General was known to have got deployed only this year after the Russian war with Ukraine.

However, he came into the limelight as the Ukraine military claimed that they have killed the Russian General while they were on a mission towards the Kherson.


How did Russian General Andrey Mordvichev got killed?

It was reportedly only this Saturday when the Ukraine military came ahead claiming that Russian General Andrey Mordvichev has been killed. To be specific it happened when the Ukraine forces were destroying a post at Kherson. He is reported to be the fifth General who has died so far in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Meanwhile, Kherson is the port city of Ukraine’s southern region. Not to miss, in a similar attack, Maj. Gen. Oleg Mityaev died when the Mariupol attack happened.

More updates on the Russia-Ukraine war

While it is claimed that Andrey Mordvichev was the fifth General to have died in the Russia-Ukraine war. There have been four more Generals who lost their life in the battle. While previously Mityaev got killed, Gen. Vitaly Gerasimov, Gen. Andrei Kolesnikov, Gen. Andrei Sukhovetsky died in the attacks.


Although, Zelensky has been trying to communicate to President of Russia Vladimir Putin to prevent the war that’s causing several lives a lot of harm. However, the war seems to be going nowhere in the direction of peace. Zelensky has been often posting his videos stating all about the situation in his country.

Zelensky has also said that if the situation doesn’t get better, they are ready to fight the battle their own way and they would do all for restoring things to normal. However, it would be important to see if Russia after losing its Generals and other lives decides to end the war or not.


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