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How Did Alexander Howard Dumble Die? Celebrated Amp Designer Passes Away

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Alexander Howard Dumble

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Alexander Howard Dumble passes away, the man who gave so much to the music industry. Popularly known for the guitar amplifiers, Dumble single-handedly established his company of guitar amplifiers. Howard Dumble was 76 years old when he took his last breath. Tributes have started pouring in mourning his death.

Dumble served the music world with his designed amps. Unfortunately, now the music world is mourning the loss that was confirmed on 18th Jan this year.

Who was Alexander Howard Dumble?

No less than a celebrity himself, Dumble came to the limelight after he started his amp company situated in Los Angeles. He was known for his guitar amps that he solely made himself. He was a dedicated man whose amps were costly and used only by the recording studios and the people who could afford his products.


Dumble’s amps were costly and he used to make 2-3 amps yearly. His amps company was named after his own name as Dumble Amplifier Company.

Family background of Alexander Howard Dumble

Alexander Howard Dumble was a private person who kept his family away from the limelight. It’s almost unknown about Dumble’s family. However, the sudden demise of Dumble is expected to bring his family to be known by all. Although, there hasn’t been any announcement on how Alexander Howard Dumble died. We might get a statement issued by his family soon.

Alexander Howard Dumble’s professional life

Alexander Howard Dumble maintained a low-key profile always. He became popular only for the amps that he sold to the music world especially to the ones who could afford his products. The ones who had his amps were John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford, and many more.


Unfortunately, the iconic amp designer is more with us. Being an amp designer who made the amps by himself, his products would be missed by all those who used them and loved them.

His amps had some great models including Dumbleland, Overdrive Special, and Steewl String Singer. His amp designing work began during the 60s and 70s. But the demise of the iconic designer has left a void in the music world and tributes have started pouring in to mourn the loss of Alexander Howard Dumble.

Hopefully, the memorial services for the icon will begin soon to mark his last rites.


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