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Honey Lestrange, TikTioker’s Drama with Hasley at LA Strip Club Explored

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Honey Lestrange tiktok drama explained

TikTok’s turmoil is presently capturing the interest of people, and her spat with Halsey is generating stories. According to reports, a TikTok member by the handle name Honey LeStrange alleges Halsey. The singer reportedly dragged her off from the platform in the middle of a show. And also that the event occurred in an Angeles strip club. Hasley is accuse by the sensual performer of allegedly coopting s** worker skills without truly appreciating them. Hasley, she said, “comes in the middle of her receiving money.”

Honey Lestrange: Who is this TikToker?

Honey Lestrange is a media producer that uses the TikTok multimedia application. Her Facebook page has about 4610 followers. She is a professional erotic dancer in addition to becoming a TikToker. We learn that TikToker actually lives in L.a. while looking at her presence on social media. Furthermore, the individual is indeed a mom of a seven-year-old child. She is among the founders of Strippers United. An organization dedicated to ensuring a better quality of performance for licensed strippers. Honey’s TikTok has a range of topics. But she has been in recognition for speaking out more about native people’s freedom.



On Saturday, October 9th, 2021, Honey Lestrange posted a storytime clip. Detailing her dreadful and claimed professional encounter with artist Halsey. According to Tiktoker, the vocalist of “Him & I” has scheduled the Los Angeles strip club The Cheetahs in 2019.

Hasley, according to Honey, required that almost all performers be present in the club. As they will be in requirement to conduct that evening. Honey further said that strippers don’t usually enjoy dancing or performing at celebrity events. Since the compensation is usually low or unsatisfactory. She states she feel optimistic that night when she watched her colleague dancer get good pay.


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Honey Lestrange states she was really just going to start with her performance. Until Hasley’s agent abruptly intervened and notified her that perhaps the artist would be performing rather. She went on to say that when Halsey allegedly entered the stage and began dancing. People believed it was the last performance and strew cash about the platform. Honey alleges that once she just took the platform. She was “wobbling the movements to the rhythm of individuals exiting,”. Because several of the audience members had run out of money.

Honey Lestrange tiktok drama

Allegations against Hasley

“Sure, my manager might be at blame as well,” the performer adds in the comments. Regardless, she is also the one who made the decision to go take pictures that night. She took the decision to continue.
The TikTok user then claims that perhaps the venue was hardly visible during Halsey’s performance. Since it was cash-strapped.


##greenscreenvideo @halsey ##fyp ##dollartripper ##Wheresmymoney ##StudentSectionSauce

♬ original sound – Honey Lestrange

Honey also claimed that Halsey reportedly handed out the money tossed at her on the platform. Which was split among 36 dancers. The whole cost was only approximately $120 per person.
She went on to say that strippers do not get an hourly salary. Since they owe money to the club that allows them to perform as well as the DJ.


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