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Hollywood Powerhouses Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep Join Forces for Writers Guild of America Strike

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Writers Strike

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The Screen Actors Guild is jointly to come in support of the Writers Guild Strike and the latest to join in the mission is none other but Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. Writers and actors have come together for the strike over labor disputes. It’s after decades that actors and writers have come to protest over the demands.

Read ahead to know more about actors joining the Writers Guild Strike over their demands.

The Writers Guild Strike and the reason

Writers are the kingpin of any content be the content of any movie, series, or anything else. Recently, the writers in America decided to protest as the Writers Guild of America began a strike this year on May 2nd. While it is still continuing and may get worse.

The core reason behind writers taking a stand is their pay problems with Hollywood producers. Now along with the writers, we are also to have hundreds of actors to come in support of the writers too. Meanwhile, the streaming, digital, and AI era have been the other issues that have resulted in the strike.

Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep joins the Writers Guild Strike

The WAG strike isn’t just about the writers of the entertainment industry. Rather now about 300 celebrities have been named to come in support of the strike until the deal is in favour of the writers. Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl are the two new names added to the list.

Fran Drescher who leads SAG-AFTRA is advocating the strike making the writers have favorable negotiations over better pay and even security towards the threats arising from AI use in the industry. Lawrence and Streep have even stated in an open letter not to have a mediocre deal to settle with.


How’s Writers Guild Strike going to affect viewers?

Well, the negotiation or the contract that happens every three years between WAG and AMPTP has expired with no new deal finalized. The strike hence continues making WAG take forward their demand with a strike until they find a good deal to settle with.

Meanwhile, if all of this take time then the new episodes or movies that you may have been planning to watch won’t be available.

Not to forget, the Stranger Things showrunner even said that they won’t be filming due to the strike. Hence, we need to see what deal settles the dispute between the two parties and when.


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