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Hive Social App Gains Popularity Amid Twitter Backlash And Celebrates Hitting One Million Users

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Hive Social app

Hive Social app is gaining immense popularity after Twitter has been facing backlash over its changes post Elon Musk’s ownership. Meanwhile, social media is also flooded with several memes on the same. Though if you haven’t come across Hive Social app yet. Then here’s everything to know about it right here.

Read ahead to know more about the Hive Social app gains popularity with memes on the same going viral on the internet.

What is Hive Social app?

Hive Social app is a social media app that was launched back in October year 2019. The app comes with features similar to that of Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Which is growing popular nowadays a lot.

Though the app hasn’t been very popular like Instagram, Twitter, and all before. Yet, a lot of users have been using the Hive Social app. The app is available to be installed from App Store or Play Store for all.

Hive Social app gains popularity amid Twitter backlash

Ever since Twitter went into the hands of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The changes being made by Musk haven’t sunk in well with most Twitter users. Be it the firing of employees of Twitter or the monthly paid verification plan of Twitter. Everything has been facing a backlash from Twitter users.


While many Twitter users are already looking for an alternative to Twitter. We have people looking at Hive Social app now. As this app has been getting a lot of attention post the Twitter backlash. Though there hasn’t yet been a complete shift of users from Twitter to Hive Social. Yet, for safety purpose, some of the users have definitely made their accounts on Hive Social.

Social media gets memes after Hive Social gets attention

Twitter facing backlash from its users now. We have Hive Social getting a lot of new users each day. Not just that, the now going viral app has made social media flooded with memes on the same. That’s funny and takes a dig at Twitter as well.

In fact, users have been commenting about the features of Hive now. While they are also pretending to be ignoring Twitter on social media. Surely, it would be interesting to see if post all this Twitter really loses its users to Hive in huge or not.


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