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Hitman Holla Reveals His Girlfriend Cinnamon Was Shot in The Face During Robbery

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Hitman Holla

Wild ‘N Out star Gerald Fulton is known as Hitman Holla. He has spoken about his girlfriend Cinnamon who was reportedly shot in the face during a home breaking.
Hitman Holla has appealed to fans to send their good wishes and prayers saying she’s at the hospital after suffering the gunshot in the face. He told that he was not with her when the incident took place. Hitman was far from her. He was out of town.

Who is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is an influencer and businesswoman. She recognizes herself as the CEO of the business. She has her merchandise store and virtual shopping store named CINNY.
She has a cooking business also named CINNY Food. Also, her Instagram bio says that she travels between Atlanta and St. Louis. Cinnamon Instagram shows all her recipes and the menu from which the respective customer can order.

Hitman Holla

Cinnamon’s main account on Instagram has around 267,000 followers. Her Instagram comprises many pictures with her boyfriend Hitman Holla.
On her Instagram bio, there is a ring emoticon next to her boyfriend’s name. But it isn’t clear if they are getting married or engaged because neither Cinnamon nor Hitman has publicly confessed about it.


How Did Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend Got Shot In The Face?

According to her boyfriend Hitman Holla, on 12 October she was reportedly shot in the face by 4 unwanted people who broke into their house.
Hitman described in his post that a bullet went through the back of her head and her cheek. He said she’s at the hospital. And urges people to send prayers and good wishes for her. He also said that pray for me too because you all don’t know what I’m going through.
For the same post in the caption, Hitman added that’s he’s not with her when this incident took place. He said I was out of the city.
Hitman Holla caption, “ I’m super proud of how she was so courageous. I can’t stop myself from crying please some prayers and good wishes for both of them. We both need it. We really need it.

Hitman Holla and Cinnamon

Fans’ Reaction on Cinnamon’s Injury

Fans have been supporting both of them. They have been sending good wishes and prayers hoping Cinnamon rebounds soon from the gunshot injury.
One fan tweeted, “Prayers up for Cinnamon and his boyfriend Hitman Holla.”
Another fan tweeted, “Hitman Holla god bless you and my wife praying for nothing but the best for both of you. Stay strong.
Another fan tweeted, “Wishing healthy and fast recovery to Cinnamon as she took a gunshot from the housebreaking. Pure sadness.”


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