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HasanAbi Discord Rant Sparks Social Media Frenzy: Streamer Expresses Discontent with Community and Job

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Twitch streamer HasanAbi appears to be upset with his community and his streaming job, as he shared on Discord. He expressed his disappointment over the matter while interacting with a community member. In fact, he even cancelled one of his recent streams. As a result, the streamer has been trending on social media as well.

Read on to learn more about HasanAbi’s frustration with his streaming job and his community.

Screenshots of HasanAbi’s messages on Discord goes viral

HasanAbi may have been a popular streamer, but it seems that he is currently unhappy with his streaming work and the community surrounding it. In fact, recently screenshots of his messages on Discord went viral, displaying his disappointment with streaming and the community as well.

In the screenshot, one of the community members asked Hasan, “Hasan, why can’t you be normal?”. To which he replied as “It was very normal yesterday! It is good to ask how to animals f**k to an expert. I’m so sad, I think the streams are bangers but people just don’t see them. Like, yesterday’s content under other circumstances is easy 30k stream. Yes, I’m going to stream in a second.”


More about HasanAbi disappointed with low streaming viewership

The Discord messages of Hasan showed his disappointment with the low viewership of his stream. In fact, owing to the same he had even told he hated his streaming job and that he won’t be hosting the next livestreaming.

He wrote, “Say a thing I did one more time as a content idea while complaining about people no longer watching. ‘Bro, you should go to an animal sanctuary!’ ‘Hasan, you should go to an animal sanctuary and look at the animals and get excited.’ We used to be a community. There would be memes galore after yesterday’s IRL. No more memes nowadays. I feel kinda s***y about it, ngl. I’m done, i hate this job, I’m not streaming today.”


Twitch star HasanAbi about his community

HasanAbi didn’t just express disappointment with his streaming job; he also commented on the changing nature of his community. He mentioned hating the shift he observed in his community.

He stated, “I hate what my community is becoming. I hate how much people literally despise any kind of fun content. We killed all the normies. Everyone is like brain-broken and only want politics.”

A message from Hasan later shared that he would not be doing the livestream due to his trip to Melbourne, Australia.


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