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Harry Styles’ Mom Claps Back: Defends Son Amid Backlash Over Shaved Head

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Harry Styles

Harry Styles debuted a new haircut, facing criticism from netizens. However, the singer’s mother has stepped in to defend her son on social media. Recently the new buzz cut of the singer went viral on social media. Post which everyone has been talking about it. But here’s what Harry Styles’ mom had to say about her son’s new haircut.

Find out more about how Harry Styles’ mom came to his defense amid negative comments about his new buzz cut.

Harry Styles’ got a new buzz haircut

Apart from Harry Styles’ singing, what his fans loved most was undoubtedly his lustrous hair. The singer has maintained a somewhat similar hairstyle until now. But this time Styles has gone to shave his head and sport a new look getting a buzz cut.

The new hairstyle of Styles has gone viral on social media. However, not everyone seems to have liked it. The singer, who even sported this buzz cut at U2’s concert, is eliciting reactions from fans on social media.


Netizens post negative comments on buzz cut of Harry Styles

While many of Harry Styles’ fans have been supportive of his buzz cut, some have criticized the singer’s new hairstyle, expressing a preference for his previous look. In response, the singer’s mom has stepped forward to defend her son.

While viral pictures of Harry Styles with his new haircut have sparked negative comments, Styles’ mom, Anne Twist, has stepped forward to address the criticism.

Mom of Harry Styles comes in support of her son

Anne Twist, the mother of Harry Styles has come across the criticism her son has been facing over his buzz cut.

Hitting back at those critical comments, Twist wrote on her social media “When you consider that H has a legacy of kindness and inclusion, has always made every effort to make everyone feel seen and appreciated for exactly who they are….there’s and irony in the negativity he’s been shown for having a haircut. Sorry but i don’t get it”.


Twist even shared a hashtag, #TPWK, which stands for “Treat People With Kindness,” also the title of one of her son’s songs. Over the comments of Twist though, fans have come to appreciate Styles’ mother on social media. As they have been praising the effort of Styles’ mother in supporting the singer.


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