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Grant Stinchfield, The Newsmax Host Loses it after Veteran criticizes Trump

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A Newsmax piece in which the host, Grant Stinchfield, lost his mind on television has gone viral on social media. In the video, he yells and certainly screams at a veteran for gently criticizing the previous President of the United States. It was while addressing the condition of numerous Americans in Afghanistan.

Until the recent controversy, few people had heard of Grant, but his mistreatment of Joe Saboe. He was merely expressing his views about the government. Their involvement in saving Americans and Afghan friends trapped after the Taliban invasion. This has prompted People on Twitter to mock him.

What was the Whole Incident?

Joe attacked “multiple administrations” for the present position of many Americans inside Taliban captivity. Grant has been seen discussing the “hostage issue” in Afghanistan.

Grant, on the other hand, was obviously irritated when Joe mentioned that “the Trump government’s attempts here have been rather insufficient.”

The presenter, who had been defending Trump by claiming “this didn’t really occur under President Trump” up until recently. He informs Joe but he’s out of minutes and orders the team to “cut him off.”


“God bless you for becoming a veteran. Stay blessed for attempting to bring Americans home. But really don’t come here on the program and adopt the political rhetoric of the opposition and criticize President Trump!” he yells, glaring at the cameras. That isn’t going to assist anyone.”

The video of the host losing his cool on television has gone viral on social media. Grant has received a lot of backlash as a result.

Who is Grant Stinchfield?

Grant is a journalist from the United States who is now the presenter of Newsmax. He ran for the U.S. House Of representatives in the 24th Congressional Seat of Texas, as per news.
He also served as an investigative journalist for NBC 30 Connecticut News and MSNBC, according to reports. In terms of his personal situation, he is wedded to Amy Vandeoef, with whom he has a son called Wyatt.


Moreover, he has a large following on Instagram, with over 16,400 followers. The majority of his entries on his page are about his program. With a few about his family thrown in for good measure.


Newsmax Host Slammed For Yelling at Veteran

Grant clearly shows no remorse for shouting at Joe on television. But his actions have outraged spectators, who’ve already denounced him for disrespecting a soldier.

“Kudos @newsmax on recruiting GrantStinchfield!” one person tweeted. It was revolting to hear him make a childish tantrum at a veteran. It was simply because he can’t come to terms with whatever he was expressing. He clearly has a lot of serious anger issues and parental problems. Perhaps he should grin a little more.”

“It’s tough to fathom somebody frailer than Grant Stinchfield,” said another.

“Grant Stinchfield and Newsmax should really be disgraced of themselves,” one Twitter user agreed. He has no right to disrespect a veteran in this manner.”


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