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FaZe Rug Responds to Accusations of Exploiting Family Dog’s Death for Views: Addressing the Controversy

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FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug’s family dog, Bosley, has passed away, and the videos sharing this news have faced criticism for monetization. Here’s how Rug has responded to the situation. No doubt, it’s a challenging time for FaZe Rug and his family to have lost their dog. However, some of the netizens aren’t happy to see Rug and his family monetizing the posts sharing the news of the dog’s demise.

Read ahead to know more about FaZe Rug breaking silence on accusations of monetizing the death of their family dog, Bosley.

Family dog of FaZe Rug, Bosley dies

Popular YouTuber Rug from FaZe Clan has gained fame for his internet videos, amassing around 24 million subscribers on YouTube. The YouTuber also had a cute dog named Bosley, featured frequently in his videos.

Rug’s fans recently learned about the passing of their family dog, Bosley, through videos shared by Rug and his family members. However, it seems that these videos have not been well-received by many.

Netizens accuse FaZe Rug and family for monetising the death of Bosley

Certainly, FaZe Rug and his family have been heartbroken by the demise of their family dog. Following this, their fans have also been mourning the loss. However, with the shared posts and videos of Rug and his family, some netizens have been accusing them as well.


One of the users on social media wrote “FaZe Rug, no hate or anything especially at this hard time, but why do would you monetize a video like this?”. Another user commented, “I just don’t think it’s right to monetize your dog’s death. Condolences to your family Rug”. Meanwhile, on the accusations, Rug has finally broken his silence.

FaZe Rug opens up on accusations of netizens about monetising the death of their family dog

FaZe Rug has faced accusations from netizens claiming that he and his family have been monetizing the death of Bosley. Which Rug reacted on X in posts stating “Bosley was our family dog and we loved him so much. At first, we made the 1 video to break the news but we all wanted to share our own stories about Bosley for own channels as well, and wanted the whole family there”.


About monetizing the same he said, “As i understand why you guys think this is wrong, I also want you guys to understand that this is the first time we’ve ever dealt with something this serious and we just wanted to inform you guys on our own YouTube channels”.

Rug has claimed that he will be donating the proceeds from his videos to Hope For Paws, an animal rescue foundation.


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