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Fans Speculate Latto and 21 Savage’s Relationship Based on Her Sims Characters

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Fans are buzzing with speculation that Latto might be hinting at a relationship with fellow rapper 21 Savage based on the characters she created in the popular video game, The Sims 4.

Latto’s Video Game Raises Eyebrows With Fans

On Sunday, May 12, Latto took to her Instagram Story to share a snapshot of her Sims characters, which quickly ignited fan theories. In the image, Latto’s female Sims character, who bears a resemblance to the rapper herself, is shown to be pregnant. “Update she pregnant,” Latto captioned the image, adding fuel to the speculation fire.

Shortly after, Latto posted another image of her Sims characters, this time featuring a male character with short dreadlocks and tattoos. The two characters were depicted in a miniature pool, and Latto announced that they were new parents, writing, “They having a home birth.” This further led fans to draw connections between the male Sims character and 21 Savage, who is known for his distinctive dreadlocks and tattoos.

Fan Reactions on Social Media

The posts quickly caught the attention of fans on social media, particularly on X (formerly known as Twitter), where users began to speculate about the deeper meaning behind Latto’s Sims characters. One user wrote, “Latto’s sims being her and 21 is so [suspicious emoji],” while another commented, “Latto over there playing with her pregnant sims character, and the baby daddy looks like 21 Savage [laughing emoji]. The closest we gonna get of her posting him lol.”


Latto and 21 Savage Spark Romance Rumors

Rumors about a potential romance between Latto and 21 Savage first emerged in 2021, around Latto’s birthday. The speculation began after the two rappers posted separate photos of themselves vacationing in Puerto Rico, leading fans to believe they were together. Since then, fans have been on a mission to confirm whether the two are indeed dating.

In 2022, 21 Savage addressed the rumors on Clubhouse, stating bluntly that he doesn’t have a celebrity girlfriend. Despite his denial, fans have continued to search for clues about their relationship status.

In January 2024, the rumors gained more traction when 21 Savage was seen with a new tattoo behind his ear that read “Alyssa,” which is Latto’s real name. This added to the speculation, as it seemed too coincidental to be unrelated. Moreover, Latto has a tattoo with the word “Sheyaa” behind her ear, which is 21 Savage’s birth name, further hinting at a possible romantic connection. She reportedly got this tattoo in February 2023, solidifying fan theories.

While neither Latto nor 21 Savage has officially confirmed their relationship, the subtle hints and matching tattoos have fans convinced that there is more to their story. Latto’s playful use of her Sims characters has only added to the intrigue, making fans eager to see if more clues will emerge. Whether the rumors are true or just a case of fans connecting the dots, Latto and 21 Savage’s possible romance continues to be a topic of fascination.


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