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Fans Express Concern Over Nicki Minaj’s Puzzling PSA Amidst Divorce Rumors

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Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

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Nicki Minaj’s fans have voiced their concern after the rapper shared a brief video on Instagram Stories just hours after a cryptic tweet that ignited divorce rumors. The video, posted late on Monday night (June 10), featured Minaj appearing tired and speaking slowly as she reassured mothers that they are doing a great job.

In the video, Minaj spoke about the challenges and joys of motherhood, delivering a heartfelt message to fellow moms. “And then one day, they’re yelling push, and you’re in pain,” she began. “And then one day, he comes out a beautiful baby boy. To God be the glory. Congratulations to every momma out there. You’re doing a great job. In case no one’s told you that, you’re doing a great job.”

Despite her ongoing tour, which has left her fatigued, Nicki Minaj’s weary appearance and the somewhat puzzling nature of her PSA have concerned her dedicated fanbase, known as The Barbz. Their worry was amplified by a cryptic post from Minaj earlier that day, which led to widespread speculation that she had split from her husband, Kenneth Petty.


Fans quickly took to social media to express their support and concern, causing the hashtag “#WeLoveYouNicki” to trend. One fan tweeted, “Whatever you’re going through, the Barbz are here for you. We’ve seen you through the good and bad times and we’ll keep holding you down. You’ll win again and again.”

Another fan shared photos of Minaj with her son, offering prayers for her well-being. “This woman is the strongest human I know,” they wrote. “She’s been the highest selling female rapper for two decades. She’s on a world tour with a sold out show every night, but most of all she’s a mother. God please give Nicki the strength to get through these hard times.”

As the speculation about her personal life continues, Nicki Minaj’s fans remain unwavering in their support, sending messages of love and encouragement to the rapper. The outpouring of affection highlights the deep bond between Minaj and her fanbase, who stand by her side through thick and thin.


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