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Fans Disappointed After Robyn Dixon Calls Wendy “Antagonizing” On RHOP

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Robyn Dixon



Bravo fans were left fuming at Robyn Dixon after the recent episode of ‘Real Housewives of Potomac.’ While Wendy Osefo was just defending herself after Mia Thornton threw her drink at Wendy Osefo, the OG housewife managed to trigger the reality show’s fans by accusing Wendy Osefo of “antagonizing” their co-star Mia Thornton. A brand new episode of Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) aired on Bravo on Sunday, 21st November 2022. While some had fun while others engaged in significant altercations and arguments that kept viewers hooked to their television screens, the one-hour episode featured cast members as they continued their trip to Miami.

In response to Robyn Dixon’s comments about Wendy Osefo, fans took to social media to express their disappointment. There’s no way Robyn called Wendy antagonistic, that’s insane. Since the premiere episode of RHOP season 7, the show has been extremely dramatic. As past relationships and dynamics are addressed in the episodes, the arguments between the ladies intensify. As the girls continue their girl’s trip, they go to dinner where beef is on the menu; the birthday girl, Karen, continues to deflect questions about Charrisse’s relationship.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Star Robyn Dixon Slammed By Internet For Accusing Wendy Osefo Of Antagonizing Co-star Mia Thornton

Bravo fans were left fuming over Robyn Dixon’s behaviour during the recently aired episode of ‘Real Housewives of Potomac.’ Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton ended up fighting at a dinner that was supposed to be fun and casual after Mia called out Wendy for ditching Peter Thomas after approaching him about opening a Nigerian restaurant. To Mia Thornton and the ladies, Wendy Osefo explained that she didn’t have anything against Peter, so she felt it wasn’t necessary for her to contact Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband. After Mia Thornton went on and on about Wendy’s lack of business sense and ghosting Peter, Wendy became furious and insulted Mia Thornton’s relationship. When Mia Thornton became furious, she threw her drink at Wendy Osefo.


Despite being shocked by Mia Thornton’s aggressive behaviour, Wendy Osefo attempted to defend herself by calling out Mia Thornton’s poor and violent behaviour in public. In addition, instead of standing up for Wendy, the other housewives just watched the drama quietly. Robyn Dixon continued to accuse Wendy Osefo of “antagonizing” Mia while recording the fight on her phone. Twitter users expressed their displeasure with Robyn Dixon’s reaction to the fight and her accusations that Wendy antagonized Mia Thornton. In a tweet, a fan asked, Robyn Dixon, SAID ‘SHES VERY ANTAGONISTIC’ ABOUT Wendy Osefo, WHEN MIA THREW THE DRINK.?! ?”?????? ? Could you explain? LMFAOOOOOO. In another comment, a user wrote, Robyn Dixon, if you don’t stop calling Wendy Osefo antagonistic, and you record and tell her to fight, then you’re not violent??? She’s lame. In Season 7, RHOP has only gotten more dramatic as each episode progresses. As the cast deals with the consequences of the altercation, there is still more to come.


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