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Fans bashed Khia for ranting about Beyonce’s new album “devil-worshipping music”

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American rapper Khia criticized Beyonce’s most recent album, Renaissance, in a lengthy video outburst on August 4. In the video, which was first shared by Twitter user @itsKenBarbie, the 45-year-old personality can be seen criticizing the singer’s discography. She is attempting to cast a spell on everyone in the world, including children, with her worn-out CD. You had more than a hundred contributors, features, and partnerships but could only come up with the music of the devil? It should be noted that the video is still accessible on other Twitter handles even though @itsKenBarbie later removed it.

Khia then brought up the controversial subject

Khia continues her tirade by calling the album’s critical success a “failure.” The rapper then brought up the controversial subject of Kelis’ song Milkshake’s “stolen sample,” criticising the singer for incorporating it into her most recent song, Energy. Speaking of her song America Has A Problem, which samples Kilo Ali’s 1990 song Cocaine (America Has A Problem), she also accused the Break My Soul singer of “stealing” a sample from him.


Kelis was seen on these streets hot and sweaty

Everybody has been victimised by the old, nasty Creole. After finding out that she had been sampled on the record. Without her consent and that they had also stolen from her, Kelis was seen on these streets hot and sweaty. That doesn’t surprise or startle us as a people either. BE-HO-CE has a history of lying and theft and lacks any genuine aptitude. Only five days after its release, Beyonce’s new album has already triggered a number of debates on a variety of subjects, including the use of “ableist slurs” and the use of many writers for a single song.

The song was produced by Dirty Down Records

The song was written in Florida and was produced by Dirty Down Records. Club DJs and radio stations in Alabama, St. Louis, Georgia, and Kansas City helped it gain popularity, nevertheless. The song was later taken up by Artemis Records, who assisted in making it a national hit.


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