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False Alarm: Les Gold From Hardcore Pawn is Alive and Well, Death Claim Debunked

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Les Gold

A rumour about Les Gold went viral on social media claiming the American pawnbroker is dead. However, sometime later the truth behind the rumour came out when Les’ son posted a video. The rumour about him went viral on TikTok and Twitter. But is Les Gold really dead?

Read ahead to know more about rumours about the death of American pawnbroker Les Gold going viral.

Rumours about the death of American pawnbroker Les Gold go viral

Recently a rumour about a media personality and American pawnbroker went viral that concerned all his fans. A video started going viral on TikTok saying Les Gold has died. The video on TikTok came with the caption “RIP Les Gold 1950-2023”.

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The death news about Les went viral garnering more than 210k views. This made all his fans think if he is really dead in 2023. Not just that, even on Twitter something similar went viral with a fake link to CBS News. But was it really true about Les Gold?

Is Les Gold really dead in 2023?

Although everyone was concerned about Les Gold after coming across his death rumours on social media. His son Seth Gold debunked the rumours about his father’s death. A day later after the rumours about Les Gold’s death news went viral. Seth came to post a TikTok video to debunk the rumours.


In the video, Seth was seen standing with his father Les. While the caption of it said, “THE RUMOURS ARE FALSE!”. While Les made it clear for all saying “As you can see, I’m not dead”. Meanwhile, he even thanked all for having concern for him as he has just been a target of a death hoax this time.

A little about Les Gold

Les Gold has been a popular pawnbroker and a media personality. He is also known as an author. Les was born in Detroit, Michigan. His professional work involves his founded company that goes by the name American Jewelry and Loan.

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Not just that, he has been linked with the pawnbroking industry for 5 decades. While one of the series named Hardcore Pawn too gave him immense popularity among all. He even had his autobiography come out in the year 2013 as What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker.


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