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ExtraEmily Under Fire: xQc Calls Out Twitch Streamer’s Controversial Document Rating

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In a recent controversy surrounding Twitch streamer Emily “ExtraEmily,” Felix “xQc” has spoken out against her decision to publicly discuss a spreadsheet where she rates her sexual encounters and partners. The situation sparked heated discussions on social media after xQc addressed the issue on a podcast.

Background of the Controversy:

During an episode of the Fear& podcast hosted by HasanAbi, Will Neff, AustinShow, and QTCinderella, ExtraEmily revealed the existence of a document on her phone where she ranks the performance of men she has slept with. This revelation caused a stir online, with many questioning the appropriateness of such a practice.

xQc Discusses ExtraEmily Documenting and Rating Men She Has Slept With

xQc expressed his disapproval of ExtraEmily’s decision to disclose the existence of the spreadsheet publicly. He raised the hypothetical scenario of the roles being reversed, questioning the societal reaction if he were to have a similar document rating women he had been intimate with.


While xQc acknowledged that keeping such a document privately might not be unusual, he emphasized the inappropriateness of sharing it with others. He likened it to a violation of privacy, akin to revenge porn, and stressed the importance of respecting boundaries and keeping personal matters confidential.

Netizens Reaction to the ExtraEmily Controversy

xQc’s reaction sparked widespread discussion on social media platforms, with many users weighing in on the controversy. Some echoed his sentiments, emphasizing the need for discretion when it comes to personal matters. Others criticized ExtraEmily’s actions, highlighting the potential repercussions of sharing intimate details publicly.

Responses on platforms like r/LivestreamFail varied, with some users drawing comparisons to how a male streamer would be perceived if in a similar situation. Others expressed discomfort with the level of detail contained in ExtraEmily’s document and questioned the ethics of sharing such information.


The controversy surrounding ExtraEmily’s spreadsheet has ignited debates about privacy, boundaries, and the implications of sharing intimate details publicly. xQc’s criticism sheds light on the importance of respecting personal boundaries and the potential consequences of oversharing in the digital age. As discussions continue, it serves as a reminder of the complexities of navigating personal relationships and online discourse in the public eye.


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