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Explained: is David Dobrik quitting YouTube? Fans Reaction

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David Dobrik

David Dobrik is thinking of stopping vlogging. He feels like he’s accomplished all he’s wanted to do. He wants to try something new, but he’s not sure what that is yet. David Dobrik is one of the most well-known YouTube stars. With over 20 million subscribers and millions of views on every video on his channel. However, since late April, the popular YouTube personality hasn’t released a vlog on his channel. Causing viewers to worry if he’s stopped vlogging entirely.

Does David Dobrik really plan to leave YouTube?

David Dobrik stated that he temporarily left YouTube owing to the cor onavirus epidemic. The quality of the material will deteriorate as a result of the situation. “By default, my material will be so watered down if I start blogging during this quarantine. As it’ll be me inside my house,” David Dobrik on Steve-O’s Wild Ride show. “I’d rather go cold turkey and stop. Until I’m able to make the films I want precisely the way I want them, then I’ll restart.”


He told Jimmy Fallon about his plans to return to YouTube shortly. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to produce the films I wanted since a lot of my movies require travelling or going out – especially with a lot of odd people, like dealing with strangers is a major part of my videos,” Dobrik explained to Fallon. “I also didn’t want to sanitise the films by filming them at home.” I did, in fact, establish a goal for myself. “We always go to a pub down the street, and once it’s reopened to full capacity, I’ll start filming movies again.”

What caused David Dobrik to stop making vlogs?

David Dobrik revealed on Steve-O’s Wild Ride show how the epidemic has forced him to stay at home. Making it “difficult” to contact his typical vlog squad members. He further said that when he released his most recent vlog, in which he went outdoors and visited his buddies, he received a “severe reaction.”


How does David Dobrik’s relationship with his girlfriend work?

Fans have speculated about a couple of the 24-year-old YouTube star’s personal relationships despite the fact that he is not presently dating anybody. David Dobrik’s fans believed he was dating Natalie Mariduena, a longtime acquaintance, or model Charlotte D’Alessio. In their perfume ad, which was launched on October 2, D’Alessio and Dobrik got cosy together. He told Access, “We created this video for this perfume, and it was literally like we were on a date.”

David Dobrik

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