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Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry Says “Working in the P*rn Industry Led to an Eating Disorder”

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Chloe Cherry

“Euphoria” star Chloe Cherry is speak about her before battles with disordered consumption while acting in p*rnography.

During her arrival on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast Wednesday, the actress, who featured in over 200 adult photographs before reaching an escape position in Season 2 of HBO’s.

“Euphoria,” disclosed she expanded an eating disturbance after a p*rnography agent criticized her body.

What difficulties did Chloe Cherry faced?

“It all began when the agent I had when I was in p*rn told my face that I was fat. He said, ‘Everyone tells you that you’re chunky and the fastest path to lose weight is by not eating.’

” Cherry, said podcast announcer Alex Cooper, expanding that she was 18 when the agent made these statements.


“It just twisted into an eating disorder resulting in me being so inexperienced at the moment,” she said. “No one in my entire life told me that I’m fat and then it just came to be an infatuation.

Cherry said she explained her eating disorder under the appearance of fitness, I remember only one green juice a day and eating up to 200 calories a day.

She expanded by telling about her battles with a friend and no one supported her to remake her eating patterns.

“It’s crazy how vastly it takes possession of your brain,” she said of her eating disorder. All I had to do was to stop eating, I had to avoid standing vegan. 

Formerly I stopped being vegan and quit all of the calorie counting and everything … my body has become so much more toned, and I remember a much nicer body now.”

“I was unhappy,” Cherry proceeded with. “And just not behaving toward my body well.” 

Cherry also said about how she was cast on “Euphoria,” announcing that the series’ maker Sam Levinson found out her on Instagram. 


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