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Emma Raducanu and biker Fabio Quartararo reportedly Dating Each Other

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Emma Raducanu

Credit: Dave Benett and Instagram/fabioquartararo20


Emma Raducanu has of late been in the news regularly. The young tennis star is a US Open hero yet as of late lost to French player Caroline Garcia in the second round of Wimbledon, regardless of being in the top 4 in the two singles and doubles. After her loss, when asked about her feeling, she said: I didn’t have numerous expectations for myself.

The 19-year-old likewise allegedly added, “I think I’ve been asked this question in each press conference. I’m 19 years old and yes I have had consideration. Yet, I am a slam champion. Nobody will remove that from me. Definitely, on the off chance that anything the strain is on the individuals who haven’t done that. There’s no strain. Why would that be any strain? I’m still 19. Like, it’s a joke. I won a Slam.

Emma Raducanu blasted for her ‘Gen Z’ attitude

Her reaction has been criticized by Daily Mail columnist Mike Colman, who said, Well done, Emma Raducanu, you came to the second round of Wimbledon before bombing out to the 55th best player on the planet. So imagine a scenario where you are the reigning US Open champion, Britain’s latest sporting darling, and conveyed the hopes of a Covid-battered country on your slender 19-year-old shoulders.


He proceeded: So what if you bowed out with scarcely a whine and walked off court grinning and waving in your $60,000 worth of Tiffany and Co-supported gems. It’s all a joke, isn’t that so? You said it yourself,” before adding: “You’ve previously won the US Open, isn’t that so? Or on the other hand, as you put it after your most recent misfortune, ‘Similar to, why would that be any tension? I’m still 19. It’s a joke. I won a Slam.’ Not that anybody truly ought to have been shocked. Ms. Raducanu’s happy losing mentality probably won’t have satisfied the conservatives enjoying their strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, yet it impeccably encapsulated the attitudes of her revering Gen Z followers.

Emma Raducanu Dating Biker Fabio Quartarao

There is no question that Raducanu is massively famous with the younger generation and one of their admirers is supposedly French biker Fabio Quartararo, the ruling MotoGP World Champion. It has been said that “friendship” is brewing between them via social media. Purportedly, one reason for the alleged connection is Raducanu’s affection for cycling.


Emma raced motorcycles and go-karts as a kid and has described herself as a real ‘thrill seeker’ previously, so obviously, she and Fabio share something in common reported. The report proceeded to say that Raducanu’s interest in cycling was created due to her dad.

She once told Vogue magazine, That is him (referring to her dad). It’s about being unique and not thinking often about what others could have thought. At the point when I was young, I was the only girl in my group who karted or motocross, and I felt that was cool.” But it ” took a backseat to her life when she began making progress in competitive tennis and needed to focus them in your schedule. In any case, she has been adamant that she means to get her bike license,” the report added.


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