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Ed Sheeran’ Last-Minute Vegas Show Cancellation Sparks Safety Concerns

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Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran fans were devastated when the pop artist cancelled his Las Vegas gig just hours before it was scheduled to begin. Sheeran, 32, who is reaching the end of his Mathematics world tour, announced the announcement on social media as thousands of supporters gathered outside Allegiant Stadium, according to The Sun. “I can’t believe I’m typing this,” he said, “yet there have been certain difficulties faced throughout the load in of our Vegas show.” “It’s tough to carry on with the show.” I sincerely apologise. “I know everybody has come a long way for this, and I truly wish I could change it.” The event has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 28th, therefore all tickets purchased will be valid for that date. I really apologise for it x.”

It didn’t take long for his followers to vent on social media, with one claiming they had gone 10 hours to Vegas to watch him perform. “Wow WTF @edsheeran,” said another. Why would you cancel at the last minute when your Vegas fans are already there or in the queue to get in? That was such a letdown.” “It’s not cool to cancel a concert 10 minutes before it starts.” I’m curious about who will pay for our transportation, lodging, and parking. Also, what if I’m not in Vegas in October? “Are you planning to provide us tickets for another venue?” another inquired. Sheeran had time to meet with supporters in the wait, it was later revealed. He then said that the event was cancelled owing to safety concerns after two towers in his stage design collapsed overnight due to a flooring issue. Even after engineers attempted to reinforce the structures, they continued to shift.


A ‘Safety Issue’ Forces Ed Sheeran To Cancel His Las Vegas Concert Just An Hour Before The Scheduled Showtime

The ‘Shape of You’ singer confirmed the cancellation on Instagram ahead of his scheduled performance time.Β Ed Sheeran has addressed his last-minute show cancellation, which he had to inform fans of just before the start of his Las Vegas concert on Saturday. The “Thinking Out Loud” singer, who is now on his +-= (Mathematics) Tour, took to Instagram an hour before the show to clarify that an unforeseen safety problem had arisen. It’s hard to believe what I’m typing, but there were a couple of problems during set up for our Vegas show.” “It’s not possible to carry on with the show,” Sheeran explained. He said, “I’m sorry.” “I know people have travelled in for this, and I wish I could change it,” he said. Ticket purchases for the show will be valid for the new date of Saturday, October 28th. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.” Until next time, x”. In an additional statement, also uploaded on Instagram on Sunday, the singer commented on what had gone wrong. “A further context for yesterday’s cancellation.”

It was a safety problem, and we did everything we could to make the event happen, but I’m not going to endanger my fans’ safety for anything,” the 32-year-old singer-songwriter added. “I am truly devastated; this was completely beyond my control, but I accept full responsibility for everyone affected by the cancellation.” “Of course, refunds are available at the point of purchase, as well as a rescheduled show on October 28th if people still are interested in attending, and I promise it will be noteworthy,” he said. “Nothing can diminish the effort people took to make it to Vegas, & I apologise that it wasn’t communicated to all those folks waiting outside sooner.” According to the musician, he & his crew “really believed the show was going to take place up until the very last moment, but it just couldn’t happen for safety reasons.” “Sorry again for all those affected, & we anticipate seeing you in October,” he said. Sheeran began his +-= (Mathematics) Tour in April 2022 and is due to conclude the world tour, which was originally scheduled to run until September 23, with a performance at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Sheeran, on the other hand, has rescheduled the cancelled Las Vegas gig for Oct. 28.


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