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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Teases Epic WWE Return in WrestleMania 40 Showdown Against Roman Reigns

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The Rock and Roman Reigns



The Rock fans are on cloud nine as he seems all set to make a comeback in WWE. Something exciting was recently witnessed when The Rock came face to face with Roman Reigns on SmackDown. Now, his fans are eager to see him fight soon, and that’s likely to happen too. Here’s when.

Read ahead to learn more about fans getting excited as The Rock is all set to make a comeback to fight in WWE.

The Rock comes face to face with Roman Reigns

Ever since The Rock stepped into Hollywood and secured some really good deals to work on, his wrestling career took a back seat. However, years after being inactive in the ring, Dwayne seems to be all set to make his return to WWE. His recent surprise appearance

at the WWE event has been evidence of the same.

Recently, The Rock came face to face with his cousin, Roman Reigns, at the event. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting to see a potential match take place between them. Most importantly, the comeback of The Rock to WWE is making his fans happy.

Is The Rock to fight Roman Reigns?

Currently, the reigning champion is none other than Roman Reigns, and after The Rock’s return to WWE, fans have been eager to see if Reigns can fight The Rock or not. The next awaited event for Roman Reigns could be WrestleMania 40 if it involves The Rock.


Previously, there have been reports of Cody Rhodes fighting Reigns too. While the two cousins haven’t faced each other for a fight in the ring before, many have been assuming it may happen soon this year. However, there needs to be an official confirmation on the same to confirm it.

More about The Rock’s return to WWE

Though there are only speculations of a possible match between Roman Reigns and The Rock for now, according to ABC, their match may happen around April at WrestleMania 40. Not to forget, if so, then after 2013, it would be Dwayne’s first official match.

Meanwhile, it was back in 1996 that The Rock began his wrestling career with WWE. His WWE wrestling career also saw him winning eight world championships. Later, he tried his luck in Hollywood, which was quite successful.


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