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Drake Wife & Son; Check Out Sophie’s Net worth, Career & Achievements

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Drake Family

Sophie Brussaux is also known as “Rosee Divine” during her time she worked as an Adult Film Superstar and now Sophie is the wife of Drake. Now, she quit her job and gains more attention when she is Drake’s baby mom. 

She is in the mom position for Drake’s baby also standing out for her accomplishment too! Know more about her accomplishments down below!

Who is Drake’s wife? 

Drake, a Canadian rapper didn’t marry Sophie hence she is not his wife. However, they have a brief union and they have a son named Adonis Graham. Also, Sophie and Drake are not dating; they seem to be friendly with each other. This is widely seen in Drake’s concert in Paris. The duo threw a party for welcoming their son. 

Social media 

Her Instagram and Twitter profile naming “Rossie Divine” when she works in the adult film industry. Later in 2017, she retired from the industry and deactivated the account. Right now, she operates the Insta account with nearly 470,000 followers. She posts gorgeous pictures and artwork being active on the Social Media Platform. 


Career as Rossie Divine:

She is not Rossie now, she gets shifted from completely one job to another; before on what she is right now. Right after completing her studies in France, Sophie moved to the USA for pursuing modeling. But, she worked in the adult entertainment industry. She gained the name Rosee Divine after becoming a blue movie star. 

Drake wife Sophie’s Art career: 

Sophie, Drake’s mama ditched the adult entertainment industry and went for Art Industry. As of now, Sophie is extraordinarily talented in Painting and Drawing Art. 

This well-qualified artist owns a website where she sells her masterpieces and gives information about her. Further, founder of ArtsHelp, a non-profit foundation created to uplift budding creators around the world and offering them a stage to exhibit their talents. 

Further, being an extraordinary artist, she also portraits celebrities such as Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pope Francis, Emma Watson, and other famous personalities. Also, she uses her skills to change the global narratives, and; that can be widely viewed in her exhibitions in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Dubai. 

Drake wife Sophie’s Net Worth:

Sophie Brussaux is nearly worth more than $1 Million. She also thrives as a magnificent artist as she sells her portrayals in her websites and exhibitions and publishes masterpieces worldwide. 

How did Drake meet Sophie?

In January 2017, the two celebrities met in Amsterdam in Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour. When the duo is in Japanese cuisine restaurants, they seem to be perfectly getting along. 

Drake wife

Although they never officially dated each other, they had a fling with each other, and Sophie refers to be Drake’s girlfriend. In January 2017, Brussaux became pregnant after she met Drake, also revealed to him that she is pregnant and don’t want to abort. 

In October 2017, Adonis Graham was born. He is going to be 3 years old passing this October month. It is a coincidence that Adonis and Drake share the same birth month. 

For a long period, Drake denied that Adonis is his son. He mentions Sophie in the “Emotionless” track. Later in 2018, Drake took a DNA test proving Adonis is Drake’s son. 


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