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Donald Trump net worth is Explored as he sues CNN with a $475 million defamation lawsuit

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Donald Trump

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Former president Donald Trump has decided to sue CNN for defamation. As per a lawsuit filed on 3rd October, Donald Trump has asked the cable news goliath to pay $75,000 in compensatory damages and reportedly more than $475 million in punitive damages. Donald Trump guarantees that CNN has harmed his reputation with bogus, slanderous, and inflammatory misrepresentations of him and his thoughts. He claims that this demonstration of CNN will influence his political career negatively.

Donald Trump said that the cable news CNN used the term ‘Big Lie’ for him. As per the former president’s lawyers, the term ‘Big Lie’ is an immediate reference to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It was a strategy or mind game embraced by the dictator to rule. Purportedly, CNN had said that Donald Trump’s arguments and words are against the election integrity of the 2020 races. The claim likewise says that CNN’s slanderous comments and use of defamations for Donald Trump have expanded because of the fear that he could run for the Official decision Presidential elections in 2024, once more. Donald Trump believes that the 2020 official races were uncalled for. After numerous claims and recounts, the former president actually believes that he was the true winner of the last election.

Donald Trump Sues Cable News CNN With A $475 Million Defamation Lawsuit

Former US president Donald Trump sued CNN for defamation on Monday, seeking for $475 million in punitive damages and guaranteeing that the network had carried out a ‘campaign of defamation and criticism’ against him. Donald Trump claims in his lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that CNN had capitalized on its significant leverage as the main news organization to defeat him politically. Donald Trump, a Republican, claims in the 29-page lawsuit that CNN had a long history of reprimanding him, however, had sloped up its assaults as of late on the grounds that the network feared that he would run again for president in 2024.


‘As a part of its deliberate work to shift the political balance to the left, CNN has attempted to taint the Plaintiff with a progression of scandalous, misleading, and defamatory labels of ‘racist,’ ‘Russian lackey,’ ‘insurrectionist,’ and eventually ‘Hitler,’ the lawsuit claims. The lawsuit records a few occurrences in which CNN seemed to compare Donald Trump with Hitler, including a J anuary 2022 special report by host Fareed Zakaria that included footage of the German tyrant.


The lawsuit comes as the 76-year-old former president faces significant legal woes, including a criminal investigation by the US Justice Department for holding government records at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida subsequent to leaving office in January 2021. Donald Trump was sued last month by New York State Attorney General Leticia James, who has blamed him for misleading banks and insurers over the worth of his assets. What’s more, a congressional committee is investigating the 6th January 2021, attack on the US Capitol by Donald Trump allies, focusing in on the former president’s role in the attack.

Donald Trump’s Net Worth

The net worth of Donald Trump isn’t publicly known. Different news organizations have endeavoured to assess his riches. Forbes estimates it at $3 billion with Donald Trump persistently making a lot higher cases. Trump acquired wealth from his dad, and he has likewise brought in cash from fundraising, real-estate ventures, hotels, club, gold courses and Trump-marked items including neckties and steaks. As per a The New York Times report in 2018, Trump got something like $413 million (in 2018 prices) from his dad’s business empire. Drawing upon in excess of 100,000 pages of tax returns and monetary records from Fred Trump’s business and interviews with previous advisors and employees, the Times found 295 distinct streams of income that Fred Trump made for more than five decades to channel his wealth to his son.

At the point when Trump discussed the money he got from his dad, he typically downplays the actual amount. He likes to have a reputation as an independent man. Trump is the recipient of a few trust funds set up by his dad and paternal grandmother starting in 1949 when he was three years of age. As per The New York Times, he ‘ was a millionaire by the age of 8. In 1976, Fred set up trust funds of $1 million ($4.8 million out of 2021 bucks) for every one of his five kids and three grandkids. Trump got $90,000 in 1980 and $214,605 in 1981 through the asset. Donald Trump was likewise engaged in various allegedly fraudulent tax schemes.


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