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Dominic Fike Confirms Breakup from ‘Euphoria’ Co-star Hunter Schafer

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Dominic Fike (left) and Hunter Schafer

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Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike appear to have called it quits after the musician revealed he is single. During an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe on 5 July, the “3 Nights” singer revealed his current relationship status. Fike explained how love can sometimes be misconstrued as needing someone while discussing co-dependency in relationships. That kind of dynamic has actually bled into my romantic relationships,” he said. My relationships often end because of it. “At the moment, I’m not interested in relationships,” Fike concluded. A Los Angeles Times interview with Fike posted on 6 July, while promoting the imminent release of his second studio album, Sunburn also disclosed his breakup with the 24-year-old model and actor.

The ex-couple met while filming season two of HBO’s teen drama series Euphoria, which premieres in January 2022. Schafer appeared as Jules Vaughn in the first season of Euphoria, while Fike appeared as Elliot in the second season. Fans earlier assumed th at the pair were dating when the “Mona Lisa” singer uploaded an Instagram photo of himself and Schafer kissing at a friend’s birthday party. They subsequently confirmed their romance by walking the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in 2022. Fike revealed in an interview for GQ’s June/July 2022 edition that he was “very much in love” with his co-star, claiming that shooting the HBO series aided their romance.


The ‘Euphoria’ Star Dominic Fike Confirms His Split From Co-Star Hunter Schafer Ahead Of Season 3

Dominic Fike and his “Euphoria” co-star Hunter Schafer have ended their relationship. During an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, the “Mona Lisa” singer gently disclosed his updated relationship status while discussing his issue with codependency. I’m just done with relationships right now, he explained. Fike, 27, stated he needed time alone in order to get out of the “loop” after viewing love as requiring someone. That kind of dynamic has actually seeped into my romantic relationships,” he said. And that is frequently the reason for my relationship’s downfall. While discussing his prior romance with Schafer, 24, the “3 Nights” singer revealed how much fun they had together as well as how it made him realise he couldn’t be alone. According to him, “I was able to write music surrounded by her, which was awesome.” “I found a song I wrote with her the other day while looking through my music.” he said. ‘Man, that was so awesome,’ I thought. But the fact that I’m saying that — that I’m uncomfortable being alone — is a bad thing. As a result, I decided to spend some time alone.


When asked if there will be any tension on set for the third season of “Euphoria” with his ex, the artist says no. I believe everything will be alright. We’re all kind of adults. He stated, “I’m trying.” When they were caught holding hands at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood in January 2022, the former couple was initially romantically linked. A month later, they made their relationship public when Fike posted an Instagram photo of herself kissing Schafer at a birthday celebration. But it wasn’t until May 2022 that the artist opened up about his relationship with the model, telling GQ that he was “very much in love” at that moment. Because you’re so vulnerable with someone in those instances, your relationship accelerates. As a result of appearing together on the HBO show, their romance progressed much faster, he explained. Some people fall in love f-king months or years after they meet. We designed an attraction, which accelerated the process. In such a short period of time, we got to know each other well.


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