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Does Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade Have Cancer? Current Health Status

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Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with cancer on August 27. The Youtuber has not confirmed the type of Cancer. Technoblade is a rising Youtuber with an astonishing 8 million followers on his Youtube Channel. Further, he has been a champion of many Minecraft championships and proved to be a Legend. Fans were sad and left speechless when they found out about the diagnosis.

The “type” Of Cancer?

Currently, Technoblade has not revealed what kind of cancer he has. However, The Youtuber told his fans about the diagnosis and also provided updates. In the latest interview, Technoblade revealed that he has gone hiatus after his health started deteriorating. Techno’s right hand had been paining for a long time now. The Youtuber decided to take few weeks off from streaming to get into better shape. After a few weeks, Techno saw his right hand swelling and decided to see a doctor. The doctor told him that he has a tumor. Techno said “They performed a couple of scans and told me the reason my arm hurts is that I have cancer. That really couldn’t have gone worse.”


Current Health Status Of Technoblade

Techno is currently under chemotherapy. In the same video, he engaged with his fans, to make sure that the content does not get too dark. He also shared a few jokes, while playing Minecraft and told about his health insurance provider getting unconsolable. Meanwhile, the Youtuber is focusing on recording streams and staying positive. Techno does not want himself to be strained.

Many YouTubers reacted to Techno’s health news. Youtuber Dream

tweeted “Hope techno gets well soon. f**k cancer. to keep things light, I’m gonna donate $1 for every coin every member of my team earns tomorrow to cancer research. Get to have fun and put money towards a good cause.”

Despite all this, the Youtuber joked about how silly it was to have cartoon Minecraft footage playing on such a serious time. Fans were happy that he started uploading videos again. Before the next session of Technoblade’s chemotherapy, he wants to stream as many games as possible. Techno believes that he will be better as he has full faith in his doctors. Fellow Youtuber Dream has decided to donate to cancer research facilities. Awesamdude also decided to stream and earn for cancer patients. All the fans and we hope for Technoblade to get a speedy recovery and to live his life to the fullest soon.

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