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Dhar Mann Under Fire: YouTube Sensation Accused of Underpaying Employees

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Dhar Mann

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Dhar Mann, the YouTuber, entrepreneur, and film producer has made the internet go buzz with actors of his studios protesting against him. Employees working for the Dhar Mann studios have been protesting against the working condition. While they were also denied meeting with the YouTuber Dhar Mann.

Read ahead to know more about Dhar Mann Studios employees’ protests against low payment and working conditions.

A little about Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann is popular as a Youtuber, entrepreneur, and film producer. His production company is known by the name Dhar Mann Studios. Most of the content produced by his production company is short films that come on platforms like YouTube.

Mann is popular on social media, especially YouTube where he has about more than 17 million subscribers. However, lately, he has been on the radar of some controversies too. As employees of his studio have been protesting against him over their low payment and working conditions.


Dhar Mann faces protest from his studio employees

While there are many actors and other employees working under the Dhar Mann Studios. It seems like there are some issues unresolved between them that have given rise to protests against the studio. Yes, Dhar Mann Studios is under the radar of its employees for paying low and the working conditions.

Several employees including some actors of the Dhar Mann Studios have taken to TikTok to protest against the studio. This comes as the employees have been unhappy with how they were treated at the Dhar Mann Studios. While some have been disappointed with the low payment by the studios.

Dhar Mann

Charles Laughlin breaks silence on the protest against Dhar Mann Studios

Actor Charles Laughlin has too shared his views on the protest going on against the Dhar Mann Studios. As employees of the studios were even denied meeting with Dhar Mann. Laughlin shared on his Instagram story how an employee was fired.

The screenshot shared by Laughlin showed an employee Jessica fired via email. As the message read “We are emailing to inform you that you are no longer needed for this role, “Jessica” on this date, February 9, 2023″.

Netizens too went on to react to the protest against Dhar Mann. As one of the netizen wrote, “Dhar Mann made so many videos that his life turned into one of them”.


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