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Destiny Claps Back: Fires Shots at Johnny Somali Over ‘Unprofessional’ Label

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Johnny Somali and Destiny

The recent livestream of Destiny with Johnny Somali is going viral on the internet after the latter called Destiny “unprofessional”. While streamers often enjoy inviting guests to their channels, many collaborations don’t actually work out well. This was evident recently when Somali joined Destiny, only to label him “unprofessional” towards the end of the stream.

Read on to learn more about Johnny Somali appearing on Destiny’s livestream and ultimately labeling him “unprofessional”.

Streamer Destiny live-streams with Johnny Somali

Recently, the streamer Destiny hosted a livestream for his “Kick or Keep” show, featuring another streamer as a guest. Controversial streamer Johnny Somali also made an appearance on the same stream. A clip from their livestream even went viral on social media, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Livestreamer, previously arrested in Japan, gets beaten by African migrants after harassing people in Israel/Palestine

byu/Nastyfaction inPublicFreakout

During Destiny’s livestream show, an argument erupted between them after Somali requested a one-on-one conversation with Destiny. Later, feeling ambushed, Somali ended up labeling Destiny “unprofessional,” leading to a further escalation of the argument.

Destiny hits back at Somali after being called “unprofessional”

Somali on Kick or Keep show of Destiny was heard saying “Destiny, let me talk to you one-on-one, Destiny. Are you going to listen to me? I’m not a poor African slave like this one. Right? You’re not going to ambush me. I’m saying- this was unprofessional, bro! Don’t do this, bro! I won’t come back if y’all are going to do this.”

Destiny bodies Johnny Somali
byu/permisionwiner inLivestreamFail

Destiny too didn’t stop from reacting to what Somali said. As the Kick streamer added “Yeah, what’s up, buddy? Okay, hold on. Wait, just to be clear- wait, hold on. Just to be clear, you are nobody, okay? So, when you threaten to not come on my show, i don’t give a f**k! Okay!”

More about Destiny and Johnny Somali’s argument

Destiny’s “Kick or Keep” show with Somali as a guest undoubtedly went viral on the internet. Towards the end of their argument, Destiny ultimately kicked the controversial figure from his show. Meanwhile, a video of Somali surfaced on social media, allegedly showing him harassing locals in Israel.

Even before the recent livestream of Somali with Destiny, Johnny Somali has been a controversial internet streamer. Now, he is attracting attention for his conflicts with Destiny, as the latter banned Somali from his Discord server following their recent argument.


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