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Denuked: “A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin considered as transphobic?

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Aretha Franklin’s song “A Natural Woman” was going viral after a tweet claiming it to be “transphobic”. Well, the song of the lyrics by Aretha Franklin has made enough buzz on social media after a tweet by TCMA. While now the whole thing has been explained. So, was the song by Franklin really transphobic?

Read ahead to know more about if Aretha Franklin’s song “A Natural Woman” was deemed transphobic.

Aretha Franklin’s song “A Natural Woman” song lyrics goes viral

Aretha Franklin has been a popular singer-songwriter. While her songs are all loved by her fans. One of her song “You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman) recently created a lot of buzz on social media. The song came out long back in the year 1968. The lyrics of the song read “You make me feel like a natural woman”.

The lyrics of the song might not have created any buzz for so many years. But recently a tweet from TCMA (Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance) did bring the song to everyone’s attention. As it has been called “offensive” by LGBTQ activists.

TCMA tweets create buzz about Aretha Franklin’s song A Natural Woman

It was on 21st January 2023 that a tweet from Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance drew everyone’s attention to the old song A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Saying that the song’s lyrics were offensive. The tweet found the song to be something harmful to transgender women.

Further, the organisation even asked for the song to be removed from Apple Music and Spotify. This has however created social media to debate on the song if it’s indeed transphobic or not. As netizens have come up with their reaction on the tweet of TCMA.

Twitter users react to TCMA claims about Aretha Franklin’s song

With the whole outrage between TCMA claims about Aretha Franklin’s song A Natural Woman and the Twitter users. We had users slamming the activist group TCMA for their claims about Aretha Franklin’s song. As one of the Twitter user wrote “Honestly I’m glad that Aretha didn’t have to live long to see this sh*t. Let that woman rest”.

Post all of this controversy revolving around TCMA’s tweet about Aretha Franklin’s song. The activist group has called its Twitter account to be a “parody/satire” account. As it even mentioned the same later on its Twitter account. In fact, it even went on to slam news organisations for not finding it was a parody account.


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