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‘December 3rd’ Tiktok Trend Explained, Check out Conan Gray’s Reaction

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3rd December Tiktok

If you are an active TikTok user then you might know about the 3rd December trend that is considered to be a very special day for every TikTok user. This article will help you to understand the meaning behind this popular trend and how this trend started first.

TikTok has become the widest social media platform that offers people to opt for endless challenges, viral trending videos, and filters.

December 3rd is basically based on the theme of finding love. But if you are new to the TikTok application then you will find all the details available about this trend on this page.

What is December 3rd on TikTok?

Conan Gray’s single ‘Heather’ has influenced the trend on TikTok i.e., December 3rd.

Conan Gray, singer, and songwriter, has initiated uploading his original songs as well as covers on YouTube before he signed a deal and joined Republic records in the year 2018.


#duet with @claraa.batista #relatable #single #relationship

♬ original sound – Aderu

The first sentence of his song states the lyrics, “I still remember, third of December” and then it continues to “Me in your sweater, you said it looked better on me than I did you.”

This song depicts the story of a person who likes someone but she likes someone else. He is called ‘Heather’ in this song.

As the song suggests about the story, the TikTok users started using the single for creating videos where they exchange sweaters from their crush. Just like what happens in the original video song. This song is trending on TikTok as people are enjoying creating videos of their own version of Heather.

Conan Gray’s Reaction About This Trend

As per sources, Conan Gray is excited about the December 3rd trend. As this song started trending over the TikTok application it caught sight of Conan Gray. December 3rd challenge has already blown the minds of TikTok users the previous year. But it again set a come back in 2021 and many people are participating in this challenge.


#duet with @.reveri there’s still hope

♬ original sound – .

This week the singer Conan Gray captioned his TikTok video as “one day left till December 3rd…anyone wanna confess their love.”

Then for another video, he captioned, “Besties… it is getting dangerously close to December 3rd.”

Fans Reaction on December 3rd Trend

Many people are confessing love for their crush after watching the trending video of the December 3rd Challenge. They are even expecting their crushes to like them back. People are expressing their views on “December 3rd” By posting tweets.

One person tweeted by writing, “It is December 3 and I still haven’t got a sweater from anyone.” Whereas another wrote, “It’s December 3 today someone gives me a sweater!!!”

Conan Gray’s TikTok video received a comment that says, “He gave us a whole day dedicated to giving someone a sweater the least you all can do is give him one.”


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