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Debunked: Is Nessa Barrett dead in 2023? TikTok Death Hoax Explained

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Nessa Barrett

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Nessa Barrett, the American singer and influencer’s fans recently became worried for her as her death news became viral on TikTok. TikTok was trending with news about the demise of Nessa Barrett and everyone was shocked to see that. However, before you actually believe what you read. We will let you know if Nessa Barrett is alive or not.

Read ahead to know more about the viral TikTok news saying Nessa Barrett is dead.

A little about Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett is a young American singer and a social media influencer too. Her real name is known to be Janesa Barrett. She is widely popular on TikTok with her millions of fans. Nessa even performed at the Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Travis Barker and Jaden Hossler.

She currently has around more than 15 million followers on her TikTok. While on her Instagram too she has about 5 million followers. However, lately, a rumour about the singer made all her fans concerned about her. As a TikTok trended the news about her.


Death news of Nessa Barrett goes viral on TikTok

Recently on TikTok, the news about the demise of Nessa Barrett went viral. As many went on to believe on the same and even commented “Nessa Barrett RIP”. However, it was all because of the absence of Nessa from social media for quite some time that many indeed believed the demise of her.


when she dont got social media on her phone anymore

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Yet, fans need not worry because as per the friend and manager Bree Shepherd of Nessa, the singer is alive and in good health. The rumours about her demise have just been another death hoax that went viral on social media.

Fans react to the death rumours of Nessa Barrett

As Nessa Barrett has been having some mental health issues in the past. Many thus believed that something indeed might have happened to the singer as the singer was absent from social media. Yet, she is not dead and fine as per her friend and manager.


Meanwhile, her fans too were relieved to know that the singer is absolutely fine. While some of her fans slammed those who spread the false news about the singer’s demise. Not to miss, if you come across any fake news that’s misleading or else then do report the same immediately.


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