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David DePatie, The Oscar-Winning ‘Pink Panther’ Producer Dies at 91

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David DePatie

So at age of 91, animation supervisor David H. DePatie dies of natural circumstances on September 23. DePatie and his colleague Friz Freleng founded DePatie Freleng Productions. That is very well popular for the “Pink Panther” cartoon show.
David H. DePatie was indeed an associate producer at Marvel Studios and the final supervisor in command of the initial Warner Bros. Comics animation studio. DePatie’s producing business was founded at the old Warner cartoons facility. On California Avenue in Hollywood, Calif when Warner Bros. shuttered its film department in 1963.

David H. DePatie Freleng Productions was approached by filmmaker Blake Edwards. And requested to develop a panther mascot again for the motion picture “The Pink Panther,”. Further leading to an agreement with the firm to create an animation title for the picture. The lighthearted names brought prominence to the films. It enjoys a good period in the 1960s and 1970s before being in restitution.


The producing firm quickly consented to terms with Universal Studios. To make a sequence of Pink Panther animated features, which might comprise approximately 100 cinematic films and TV programs. Freleng animated “The Pink Phink,” the very first animation film in the “Pink Panther” franchise. Which earned the company its sole Academy Award in 1964. “The Pink Blueprint” got another Award Nominations for the firm.

David DePatie

The Pink Panther Series

Pink Panther is indeed a Mainstream media brand center on a sequence of comedy-mystery films. Starring Sergeant Jacques Clouseau, an incompetent French police commander. The Pink Panther series started in 1963 with the premiere of the iconic Pink Panther picture.

Peter Sellers created and therefore is strongly in association well with the character of Clouseau. Blake Edwards went on to direct the majority of the movies, whereas Henry Mancini provided the soundtrack. Protagonists and aspects from the movie have been in transformation into various mediums. Like novels, graphic novels, electronic games, and animation shows.


The very first movie in the franchise is named after a massive pink diamond of huge importance. The diamond is named the “Pink Panther”. Since the imperfection in its core is supposed to represent a sprinting pink panther which the public can see attentively.

The term resurfaces in the name of a fourth movie. The Come back of the Pink Panther, wherein the diamond heist is once again at the heart of the story. Even though the diamond did not play a role in the storyline. The term is utilized in all future movies in the franchise. The gem was eventually in six of the eleven films.


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