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Dan Sur net worth, lifestyle; Rapper who Surgically implanted gold chain hair

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Dan Sur

Dan Sur is a Mexican rapper and musician with a Net Worth of around $6 Million and with a unique lifestyle. Rappers all over the world symbolize Extravagant Jewellery. Yet, this 23-year-old, Mexican boy, US-based rapper, and composer left everyone wordless.

He just turned his hair into Gold chains. This idiosyncratic hairdo is matchless; This drew him into massive attraction and numerous admirers as well as criticizers. Well, the hairdo is not the external change. He implanted innumerable gold chains in his head. He posted a picture of him with a gold hairdo in April 2021. This post also contains a thick gold chain around his neck. He surely wants to show off his gold, it seems!

Dan Sur

Then, fans started to surf him on the internet. Here it is. Read this article to find out his net worth, his lifestyle, and his relationship. 


This Mexican boy is ecstatic to share his hair makeover with his million followers on Tiktok and Instagram. He did the implant months ago, but the post getting viral a few days ago. He startles the 2M followers by saying he sees people dying their hair whereas, he decides to do something different. Hence, he hopes no one’s going to copy his hairstyle now. 

Who is this gold guy?

Dan Sur @dansurig was born in the year 1998 (23). He always prefers to keep his personal life hidden. But, the known information is that he is unmarried and single right now. 

Dan Sur Net worth:

Dan Sur’s net worth is $6 Million (Approx). His prime source of income is making music and producing it. Sur has more than 43k adherents on Instagram. 

On Spotify, out of his songs, he is popularly known for his songs, Bonk Bonk, which is over 115,000 streams. He has 1,000 monthly followers as well. 


On youtube, his subscribers are more than 16,000 with 4,00,000 total watch hours. 

In Tiktok, he has over 1.9 Million followers with 16 Million likes totally. He is really famous for lip-sync videos. 

He did the latest modification in his forehead too! A 24 Million dollars worth of rare pink diamond was on his forehead. He startles the 2M followers by saying No one going to follow his unique hairdo, Now. Moreover, about this hairdo, he says, he has a cluster of hooks implanted in his head; Each hook connects together in the skull; Hence under the skin. Moreover, he didn’t share the cost and details about the surgery yet! Craaazy!


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