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Dame Dash Points Fingers: Lyor Cohen Blamed for Jay-Z Business Split in Explosive Interview

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Dame Dash

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Dame Dash, the person who started Roc-A-Fella Records, talked about the time he and Jay-Z went their separate ways in business. He shared these memories on The CEO Show podcast, and you can find the episode on America Nu Network’s YouTube page from Saturday, November 18. According to Dame, Jay was inspired to leave Roc-A-Fella Records by former Def Jam head Lyor Cohen. “He’s the individual that told Jay, ‘I’ll do a deal with you with or without Dame Dash or “Biggs” [Kareem Burke]’ as well as he’s the one that encouraged him based on what Steve Stoute shared with me and based on what Irv Gotti informed me that was like, ‘Yo, why would you divide it three ways if you were able to handle it yourself,'” Dame says this around 28:33 in the video.

Dame also addressed Lyor Cohen’s appearance on The Drink Champs podcast, during which N.O.R.E. questioned Lyor if he was explaining why Dame and Hov were not any more business partners. Lyor categorically denied it. During his discussion on The CEO Show, Dame concurred with Lyor’s statement. However, he wondered why N.O.R.E. didn’t interview him about his claimed role in interrupting his commercial arrangement with Jay-Z. Dame Dash stated in an interview with The CEO Show podcast host Datwon Thomas in October that he is willing to talk with Jay-Z about their business disputes.


Lyor Cohen, According To Dame Dash, Is The Reason Why Jay-Z Split From Dame In Business

Dame Dash reacted to Lyor Cohen’s remarks on Roc-A-Fella Records’ collapse. Dash recently told America Nu Network that he wasn’t impressed with Cohen’s explanation of JAY-Z and Dame’s infamous 2004 separation, claiming it lacked important context — especially, since Cohen was the one who escalated the conflict. “I believe he is correct. “I believe, however, that there could be a more comprehensive response,” Dash explained. “Are you the one who displayed that?” Did you offer him a choice? Did you shove him? “Make him mindful of what he could do as well as what you would support,” he asked. “Have you suggested to him how to do that?” he inquired. “Have you broken the law and met behind his back?” He concluded by asking, “Who organized that meeting when Dame was yelling?” referring to a YouTube video in which Dame aggressively admonished his staff for meeting with JAY-Z without him knowing. Dash commented in response to Cohen’s recent appearance on Drink Champs, where Cohen talked about rumors suggesting he is the cause of the separation between Dame Dash and Jay-Z. Dash dismisses this idea, saying, “Not. Lyor may have been the reason they were never together in the first place,” he explained.

Dame has mentioned before that he thinks Cohen caused Roc-A-Fella’s downfall. In 2014, he told VladTV, “My beef was with Lyor because I think he’s a fake CEO.” The fact that he is putting on a front for my culture is not what he can do for anyone else.” And I am going to call him out publicly. And I’d like him to quit attempting to rape my culture. Go make some cash with other folks. Stop making your agenda Hip Hop…It seemed as if they had people whose job it was to make meat so that they could sell it.” He went on to say: ” Despite this, they do not allow their culture to feel it.” However, they profit from it nonetheless. And they have no way of making money or gaining respect in their culture. That is why they exist in our culture. Because they would leave the moment they were allowed to be there. But they just cannot…I’ve never had an issue with Jay. Always with Lyor & his gang. He’s the one that brought Roc-A-Fella down. Cohen, Lyor.” Cohen was repeatedly criticized for acting as a culture vulture by Dame, at one point accusing him of refusing to acknowledge Dash’s existence.


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