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Corinne Olympios Stages Comeback After House of Villains Season 1 Exit

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Corinne Olympios



“House of Villains,” the reality TV show, recently eliminated Corinne Olympios from the competition. However, her journey on the show doesn’t come to an end. Recently, she discussed her elimination on a podcast, reigniting excitement among Corinne’s fans to see her back on the reality show.

Read ahead to learn more about House of Villains to have Corinne Olympios back after her recent elimination.

House of Villains eliminates Corinne Olympios

The reality TV show “House of Villains” has brought real drama for viewers in its first season, featuring well-known stars like Jax Taylor, Tiffany Pollard, and others.

Meanwhile, many eliminations have occurred so far. Recently, Corinne Olympios was eliminated from the show, leaving her fans wondering if that’s the end of her role in House of Villains Season 1. Fortunately, we have the answer.


Is Corinne Olympios to get back in House of Villains after her elimination?

Fans of Corinne Olympios are speculating whether her role on House of Villains has come to an end after her elimination. However, this is not the end of her journey on the show. Corinne herself has spoken about her future in Season 1 of House of Villains.

It was during her appearance on the Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin podcast that she talked about her elimination and even hinted at whether she would be back on the show House of Villains or not. Certainly, her fans would be more than happy to know what she said.

Corinne Olympios talks about getting back on House of Villains

On the podcast episode recently, Corinne said “This week I’m eliminated, but it is not the last you’ll see of me on House of Villains. And I do have a major role in the rest of the cast who are left. I have a role in their fate on the show, so it is really fun when I come back”.


She added, “That is all I can give away on that- it doesn’t mean I’m gone for good”. However, the show has the participants as enemies on it. Corinne about her cast said, “I just really love this cast and maybe it is just because I starred in it, but i just can’t imagine it with anyone else in the cast”.


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