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Comedian Kathy Griffin Announces Lung Cancer Diagnosis

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Kathy Griffin

Comedian and Actor, Kathy Griffin is recovering from surgery for Lung Cancer. She mentioned in a tweet that a part of her lung was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

Kathy had stage 1 Lung Cancer. But doctors said that she will recover fast. “Surgery went well and as planned, she is in recovery now and resting,” said Griffin’s representative Alex Spieller.

To this, Griffin tweeted, ” Yes, I have lung Cancer even though I never smoked!” She added that her Cancer which is “contained to my left lung” is in stage 1. But her doctors are very optimistic.


Griffin continued that she would be starting with her daily routine very soon. Also, there will be no need for any chemo or radiation. She even mentioned that if she had not been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, then the consequences could be more serious.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy reveals addiction struggle

Earlier, the Emma award-winning Kathy Griffin revealed that she had struggled with drug addiction, in an interview with ABC News.

After her controversy with a prop resembling the severed head of former President Donald Trump, she even attempted suicide.

Her condition became so pathetic that she couldn’t even brush her teeth or do the basic things. So her husband Randy Bick used to help her. Griffin is now in recovery and very optimistic for her future.


In July 2017, Griffin shaved her head in honor of her sister who was struggling with Cancer. This shows her immense care and courtesy towards her family. She has bravely overcome her addiction as well as Lung Cancer.

Kathy is the personification of courage, strength, a good sense of humor, and talent. Thus, she is an inspiration for many. Which qualities of her inspire you? Write down in the Comment Section below.

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