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Colin Jost Girlfriend, Relationship status, Rumors, Every Thing You Need to Know

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Colin Jost

Knowing about someone’s dating history has always been very interesting. And when it comes to our favourite personality, then it becomes even more amazing. Today, you will get to know about Colin Jost’s dating history in this article. And if you want to know “Who is Colin Jost dating currently?” then keep reading the article.

Till now Colin Jost had two public relationships. The first one was with his college friend. The one which became highly popular is with his present wife Scarlett Johansson. The couple has been blessed with a baby boy and the family is happily living together.

But before this, Scarlett Johansson was married to Romain Dauriac. She even had a baby with him but after some time, both of them divorced. May be Scarlett and Romain were not meant to spend entire life together. Now that she is married to Colin, she calls him her final destination. Their love is immense and may it blossom like that always!

Colin’s First Relationship

Colin Jost dated Rashida Jones for several years and news about their relationship used to come frequently. The sole reason behind these rumours was their photograph which got viral. In this photograph, they were closely standing with their hands warming each other.


There were rumors such as Rashida likes Colin for he is very funny, Rashida is completely into him, etc. All these rumours spread very fastly across the world. They looked so perfect together that anyone could guess they were dating. Moreover, they were alumni of the same University which gave them a common background.

Colin Jost

The rumours about their relationship came in 2013 and they parted their ways after 3 years i.e. in 2016. According to sources, now Rashida is dating musician Ezra Koenig. Their story was short-lived but their memories are still alive. Both have moved on in their lives and that’s great!

Colin Jost’s Last Relationship

Scarlett Johansson is Colin’s last girlfriend as well as his current wife. Their true love and trust brought the couple to their destination. However, their story started on the set of Saturday Night Live where they met each other.

Jost recalls his first meeting with Scarlett was in 2006 but Scarlett can recall that they first met in 2010. Scarlett talked about her relationship in an interview, “It was some dumb parody that he had written, and he was in there partly directing this segment we had to undertake and do…” She described this as her first memory of Colin.


On the other hand, Colin Jost described his first memory of Scarlett as “The first time she hosted(in 2006) was the primary year I used to be a writer on the show… So, we’ve quite known one another since then… She is the simplest.” Their couple looks like two pure souls madly in love with each other. Everyone admires the couple and their bonding can be easily seen.


Colin and Scarlett were rumored for being together right during the Saturday Night Live show. There were rumours that they both were seeing each other. Some even say that they shared a kiss at the bar of SNL Season Finale Party.

We love the couple because they listen to their hearts, which are connected. They just look perfect with each other.

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