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Coi Leray And Nicki Minaj Drop The Blick Blick Music Video

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Blick Blick

Coi Leray And Nicki Minaj New Music Video


With their fresh new BLICK BLICK music video, Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj have raised the bar. The pair raps about everything from their opulent lifestyle to pricey jewellery, money, and attracting men in their new single. The track will be on Coi’s upcoming first album, Trendsetter.

A stunning video alert

The 24-year-old rapper flaunts her rehearsed movements while wearing ’90s-inspired outfits in the vibrant video BLICK BLICK. The Queen appears with a head-turning grin, ready to spit her “verse of the year.” Later, while shooting at their opponents, Barbie and the Trendsetter bust out their paintball weapons and don matching pink wigs. What it was like to shoot the video with the rap queen during a Twitter Q&A with fans. “She showed up early. She stayed on set for 12 hours and shot a sequence with me in the freezing weather,” she explained. “The family was in her trailer with her, keeping her down.” And there I was, in front of the camera. She’s a natural, and she’s actually that *bitch in real life.”


NICKI MINAJ’s well-known Pinkprint style

Did you ever mix your G.I. Joes with your siblings’ Barbies when you were a kid? For a long time, I believed I was the only one who felt this way, but Coi Leray’s video for her new collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “Blick Blick,” shows that she, too, had no qualms about having the beauty dolls play with the military toys’ guns. The vibrant video is heavily influenced by Nicki’s well-known Pinkprint style, but instead of being pampered, the two rappers are armed to the teeth like Neo and Trinity from The Matrix to face their opponents. Of course, the firearms are in keeping with the concept.

Continued to release strong tracks

“Blick Blick” is the latest indicator that Coi Leray’s reputation is increasing after some sceptics wrote her off following her breakthrough with “No More Parties” in late 2020. Some assumed she was merely a gimmick because of her silly, Playboi Carti-Esque delivery, especially after her perplexing performance during the XXL Freshman Cypher. Since then, she’s continued to release strong tracks like “Twinnem” and “Anxiety,” establishing her credentials and demonstrating her flexibility. Securing a feature from Queen Nicki Minaj herself — especially after her father Benzino nearly sabotaged the opportunity — only validates her rise, confirming she has always belonged at the top, exactly as she (and Uproxx) prophesied.


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