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Cody Rigsby, Contestant of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Says He Has COVID-19

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Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby, a Peloton exercise teacher known as the “King of Quarantine,”. Disclosed yesterday that he had already tested positive for Covid-19. Only a week following his dancing companion Cheryl Burke was also diagnosed with the virus. Cody Rigsby, who has already been vaccinated, has tested positive for the 2nd time.

Cody Rigsby, who rose to prominence as a result of the pandemic’s shift to home training, disclosed his condition on Instagram. He posts the picture on Instagram with a caption informing everyone.

Hi friends, I wanted to check in with you to share some news. While I am fully vaccinated and took many precautions.Following CDC guidelines, I recently tested positive for Covid-19,”. The 34-year-old Rigsby wrote. “To properly rest and recover as well as avoid exposing others. I will be taking a break in the coming days. I appreciate all your support, and I’ll be back as soon as I am ready.


Moreover, Rigsby described his difficulties in a clip that accompanied the article.

He said, “I tested positive for Covid for the 2nd time for the year.” “Currently, I’m having pretty slight symptoms — heaviness, some little amount of a headache,  coughing — but that’s like night and day compared to while I had Covid previously this year, therefore it must have been the vaccination and resistance functioning. As a result, we are really appreciative. We’re currently scrambling to figure out what will happen to me on Dancing With the Stars. So please be patient with us until we sort this out.”

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl on Dancing with the Stars

A DWTS representative declined to answer questions beyond directing journalists to Bigsby’s footage.

Rigsby was supposed to have a replacement companion for the Oct. 4 show after Burke was obliging to confine this week. That is surely not going to happen anymore. Cody Rigsby and Burke were absent from the dancefloor on the Sept. 27 show, although they were still in the game. They were graded on their salsa training performances. Which received 24 out of a potential 40 marks.

Cody Rigsby on Dancing with the Stars

Judge Len Goodman addressed Burke and Cody Rigsby, “I pray for you a really full and speedy recovery!. “That had a lot of glitz and glam, as well as a lot of dancing. It was well-crafted, and it was well-danced. You did an excellent job.”
“That was extremely, pretty outstanding for a practice,” judge Derek Hough remarked.
Burke said she had been properly vaccinated with the vaccination. And felt really bad about upsetting her dancing partner in such an Instagram clip posted Sunday Evening.

“All I hope is that I didn’t spread it.” Burke, 37, added. “And to those who don’t believe Covid is a genuine thing, man, it’s serious.”


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